Blackberry "Polar": characteristics and characteristics of planting large-fruited varieties

Blackberry "Polar": characteristics and characteristics of planting large-fruited varieties

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The hissing blackberry "Polar" has become known to gardeners of our country relatively recently. However, this variety is already popular among summer residents and is in demand in the conditions of home gardening in many regions of our country.

The variety was obtained less than ten years ago by specialists of the Polish Institute of Horticulture in Brzezn and combines high quality berries, as well as large-fruited and sufficient frost resistance.

Description and features of the variety

Blackberry bushes of the Polar variety form powerful straight-shoots, the height of which reaches 2.5-2.7 m. The berries are large, shiny, with an average weight of 9-11 g. They are characterized by rich black color and oval, very aligned shape. The variety favorably differs in sweet taste and pleasant aroma of berries. Without the threat of yield loss, the blackberry can withstand quite prolonged freezing up to -24-25 ° C.

The variety belongs to the category of medium early ripening, stands out for long and abundant fruiting. When growing this blackberry as a non-covering culture the average yield from one adult berry bush can be at least 5 kg of ripe, salable berries. Shelter berry for the winter period can significantly increase productivity.

A feature of the variety is the presence of pronounced immunity to many of the most common diseases, as well as fairly good indicators of resistance to plant parasites. Harvested is characterized as transportable. Berries have an excellent dessert flavor and are suitable for freezing in the winter.

Blackberry "Polar": variety description

Rules for choosing and planting seedlings

Planting seedlings is the easiest way to propagate a berry culture. BlackBerry of foreign selection "Polar" is not too common in our country, so it can be very difficult to get high-quality planting material. If such an opportunity arises, it is important not to miss the opportunity to choose the best instances. To get the most productive berry plantings it is necessary to carefully consider the selection of blackberry seedlings and observe the basic rules of planting:

  • the bushes can have both a closed and an open root system, and the main indicator of a quality planting material is the presence of a strong and well-developed root system;
  • the landing area should be well warmed up and lit by the sun, and also protected from cold and gusty winds;
  • the soil on the site for growing a berry culture should be quite fertile and can be represented by drained loams with pH values ​​of 5.5-6.5;
  • soil with high humidity is not suitable for blackberries: under such conditions, frost resistance of plants sharply decreases, shoot growth increases and yield indicators decrease.

For planting blackberry garden seedlings, dig holes with standard sizes 40 x 40 x 50 cm in advance. About 5 kg of compost or humus should be added to each planting pit, which must be mixed with 35 g of superphosphate, 15 g of potassium salt or 30 g of ordinary wood ash. All fertilizers must be thoroughly mixed with the topsoil and sprinkled with this soil mixture the root system of seedlings. In areas with acidic soils, compulsory liming is necessary.

Tips and reviews about the variety

A blackberry called Polar is characterized by gardeners as a vigorous variety that does not form shoots. He fell in love with gardeners for his high resistance to diseases and winter cold, large berries with a very sweet and pleasant taste.

Fully ripened blackberries are used not only in fresh form. They are excellent raw materials for processing into juices, preserves, jams or compotes, fruit and berry marmalade and jelly. The leaves of the plant are suitable as raw materials for making tea, which in taste and aroma indices is very reminiscent of popular Chinese teas.

How to plant a blackberry

According to reviews and assessment of many gardeners and summer residents, the variety "Polar" has increased indicators of frost resistance and can easily withstand frosts to -24-26 ° C. However, if the blackberry bushes are not sheltered for the winter period with adverse conditions, the yield may decrease by half or more. Excellent resistance to damage by diseases and pests, as well as suitability for mechanized harvesting, allow this variety to be classified as very promising.