Best casserole recipes in a pan

Best casserole recipes in a pan

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Casseroles are dishes that have long been familiar to housewives. They are convenient because they cook quickly, you can include various components in them, as well as usefully use the mashed potatoes left over from yesterday, or porridge, or cooled pasta. In a casserole, stubborn foods get a new life and can once again successfully go out in public.

In this respect especially convenient are casseroles, which are cooked on a stove, without an oven, right in the pan. In this way, you can quickly prepare a hearty breakfast, or the second for dinner, or a sweet dessert.

Fried potato casserole with minced meat

This dish is completely independent, there is no reuse of yesterday's leftovers here. Its peculiarity is that it can be cooked by running in parallel 2 cooking processes in 2 pans at once. It turns out almost twice as fast.


  • minced meat - ½ kg;
  • 1 onion;
  • potatoes - 7-8 tubers;
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic;
  • parsley or dill;
  • butter - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • pepper;
  • 200 ml of milk;
  • salt;
  • vegetable oil;
  • 2-3 eggs.

Cooking process:

  1. After peeling and washing the potatoes, cut them into strips and set them to fry in the main pan: the one in which the casserole itself will be placed.
  2. Finely chop the onion, chop the garlic. We put an auxiliary pan on the fire, fry the onion, later add garlic to it, and after 3 minutes we spread the minced meat. We fry everything together, continuously kneading the minced meat with a spoon and forcing it to be crumbly. So it takes 7-8 minutes, after which we add the onion and meat and sprinkle with pepper.
  3. Fried potatoes are also salted at the end. When it is ready, put the meat and onions from the auxiliary pan on it. Level the surface, make the fire under the pan minimal.
  4. In a bowl, stir the eggs with milk, beat with a fork or whisk, so that the mixture becomes more or less homogeneous, salt and pour into a frying pan.
  5. Cut greens, sprinkle the top of the casserole, lay out small pieces of butter on the surface. Cover the pan and stand for 20-25 minutes in this condition. During this time, scrambled eggs must grasp properly.
  6. Turn off the fire, do not open the lid for 10 minutes. Now the casserole can be served.

Grated potato cheese and mushroom casserole without eggs

This is also a very quick recipe, and also from potatoes, which is always at hand. A casserole cooked in this way is low, similar to a thick pancake. But very satisfying and tasty, although without eggs.


  • processed cheese - 2 packs (or Adyghe cheese - 100 or 150 g);
  • 200 g of hard cheese;
  • mushrooms - 300 g;
  • potatoes - 600 g;
  • dill;
  • salt;
  • curry, cumin or other spices;
  • olive oil for frying.

Cooking method:

  1. Three potatoes, peeling and washing, on a fine grater, add salt. We spread it on a colander or on a sieve to drain the juice - you still have to get rid of it.
  2. We prepare the filling of mushrooms and cheese: three cheese, chopped mushrooms smaller. At the same time, when we grate hard cheese, divide it in half. One part will go to the filling, and the other is for potatoes.
  3. Squeeze the grated potatoes, season with spices, throw half of the hard cheese and chopped dill into it. After mixing, half put on the bottom of the pan, pre-oiled, and form low sides.
  4. We spread the filling inside, making sure that between the side of the pan and the filling there is a potato layer. Cover the filling with the remaining potatoes, slightly tamp.
  5. Close the pan and put on medium heat. We keep it for a short time, about 10 minutes, from the force of 15 so that the inside is not just steamed, but along with the steam it has lost a part of the liquid.
  6. But we must not allow burning, so we take a fairly wide plate and turn the casserole on it. If the crust is fried, then gently push the cake back into the pan and fry the second side: again under the lid, and again for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Turning off the heat, slightly cool the casserole and serve.

Potatoes and meat - a classic combination

Potato casserole came from the UK, where it is called a shepherd’s pie. Any meat is suitable for cooking, only it needs to be chopped very finely, so the meat will retain its taste and juiciness.

What is necessary:

  • low-fat pork or chicken meat - 430-470 g;
  • vegetable broth - 110 ml;
  • peeled potatoes - 500-550 g;
  • onions and carrots - 110-130 g each
  • milk or liquid cream - 120-140 ml;
  • average egg - 3-4 pcs.;
  • grated cheese - 125-135 g;
  • rosemary, basil, thyme, salt, seasonings.

How to cook:

  1. Cut the potatoes into medium-thick plates, cook until tender in water with the addition of aromatic herbs and salt.
  2. Grind the remaining vegetables, fry in a deep pan for 6-8 minutes.
  3. Add meat to vegetables, simmer over low heat under a lid for a quarter of an hour. Add the broth, simmer for about half an hour.
  4. Mashed potatoes, spread it over the meat.
  5. Prepare the fill - mix the cream with eggs and cheese, salt, spices, pour the casserole, sprinkle with herbs.
  6. Cook in a covered pan for about 20 minutes.

The casserole is good even the next day; you can serve it with light vegetable salads, tomato or sour cream sauces.

Pasta casserole with eggs and onions in a pan

It - the easiest casserole, and just here you can give a second life to yesterday's pasta. But this is not necessary, and you can boil horns or noodles specifically for this occasion.


  • boiled pasta - ½ kg;
  • chicken eggs - 2-3 pcs.;
  • 1 onion;
  • salt - ¼ tsp;
  • fry in vegetable oil.

How to cook:

  1. Finely chop the onion and sauté it in butter. When it starts to brown, spread the pasta to it and fry for an additional 1-2 minutes.
  2. Beat eggs with salt with a fork or whisk, pour onto pasta with onions.
  3. We cover the pan with a lid and fry the casserole, reducing the heat to a minimum. This is not for long, 5-10 minutes. If you want, then you can remove the lid and cut the casserole in a frying pan into pieces, then turn each part over for better frying.

This recipe is a base that allows for a ton of options. So, you can put chopped sausages or cooked sausage in front of the pasta, then put the pasta and continue to take it off together; you can add cream to the eggs, and sprinkle the casserole with grated cheese. And so on.

Vegetable casserole with smoked meats in a pan

In the summer, you can cook such a casserole at least every day, honing a set of products to the tastes of your family. This is a great breakfast, and maybe dinner.


  • zucchini or just zucchini - 400 g;
  • onion - 1 pc.;
  • 1 tomato
  • carrots - 1 root vegetable;
  • Bulgarian pepper - ½ pc.;
  • 4 eggs;
  • cooked smoked sausage - 120 g;
  • 2.5% fat milk - 70 ml;
  • pepper, salt;
  • fry in oil.


  1. Cut the onion into large cubes, put in a heated frying pan with oil.
  2. Three large carrots, attach to the onion. We fry them together.
  3. My zucchini, remove the seeds, and cut the flesh into pieces of medium size. Bulgarian pepper, without seeds and jumpers, cut into strips.
  4. Zucchini with bell pepper spread in a pan, mix. Dice the tomato and send it to the common pot too. Salt, mix the contents of the pan.
  5. It's time to cut the sausage. We need to take it a bit, only to give the aroma of smoked meats and a smoky flavor for piquancy. Dice the sausage, attach to the vegetables at the moment when we determine the semi-finished zucchini. Mix.
  6. Beat eggs separately, first with salt, then with milk. With this mass, fill the vegetables in a pan, quickly and actively mix everything. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, close the roof and cook over low heat until the omelet is ready.

Sweet cottage cheese casserole in a pan

Cottage cheese casserole is undoubtedly a classic. However, it can be very demanding on the baking mode; not in any oven you can get a full-fledged cottage cheese casserole. It is even more surprising that it is possible to bake it in a frying pan, on the stove, and get a wonderful dish - tender, juicy and airy.


  • baking soda - 0.5 tsp;
  • table vinegar;
  • cottage cheese - 400 g;
  • 4 tbsp. l Sahara;
  • 3 eggs;
  • semolina - 5 tbsp. l .;
  • salt;
  • seedless raisins - ¼ st .;
  • sour cream - 200 g;
  • pan oil (butter or vegetable).

Cooking method:

  1. Let's start with the raisins: rinse it and fill it with hot water, leave it for 20 minutes. When it swells a little, drain the water, and spread the raisins on a paper towel, get rid of moisture.
  2. Pour semolina into sour cream, stir and leave to swell.
  3. Mash the cottage cheese with a fork or grind it to become homogeneous and crumbly.
  4. We release the eggs in a bowl, beat with a whisk with sugar until dissolved, add slaked soda.
  5. We add cottage cheese to the eggs, beat with a whisk again. We spread to the cottage cheese and sour cream, along with the swollen semolina, dried raisins, mix in the most thorough way.
  6. Having greased the frying pan, unload the curd mass into it, straighten and level the surface. Cover the pan and put it on low heat. So bake the casserole for 20 minutes.
  7. By the time it’s ready, the mass will be compacted, and the edges will be covered with a crust of golden hue. The top of the casserole will remain pale, in contrast to the sides and bottom surface.
  8. Set aside the pan, let it stand for a bit. We turn the pan over, as a result of which the casserole moves upside down on the dish.

Curd casserole in a pan (video)

The listed recipes for casseroles are only a small part of those that exist in cooking. They can be considered as examples and a guide to action. The proactive hostess will not only find them an application, but will also come up with her own options for wonderful casseroles in a pan.