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Ampel strawberries: recommendations for planting and care

Ampel strawberries: recommendations for planting and care

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There is an ampelike strawberry, the care and cultivation of which is somewhat different from ordinary strawberry varieties. The strawberry is ampelous in size slightly smaller than the berries of imported strawberries (not more than 30 g), but it tastes much better than them. It is easy to grow and grow this kind of wild strawberry in your own garden plot, because in general planting and care do not present any special difficulties, so strawberries can be safely bought even by inexperienced amateur gardeners.

Planting a plant

In general, this climbing plant is unpretentious, but you need to take care of it at all stages of growth, otherwise the crop will be weak, and the plant itself will die. Particular attention should be paid to feeding ampel strawberries, since its shoots are fed from the mother bush. If fertilizer is not timely applied, the berries will be small, and the crop will be much less than normal.

The strawberry strawberry is also called curly strawberry, its planting occurs in the spring (April or May) or the last month of summer. Seedlings are planted in special pots with holes made below to drain excess moisture. Adult strawberries have a branching root system, this must be considered when choosing a pot for a plant.

It’s very convenient to plant ampel strawberries in portable containers, since this will allow not only to get a delicious treat, but also to decorate the interior of the garden. The strawberry buds differ in a beautiful pink hue, therefore, during the flowering period of the berry, the garden looks insanely beautiful, especially if the planting area is rather big. Ampel strawberries are planted in special cassettes or in the form of pyramids built from barrels or pots. It can also be formed into trellises, arches, which, when combined with several varieties, will decorate the interior throughout the season.

Seedlings are planted in special soil, which is best done on their own. For this, it is necessary to prepare the following substrate: 1 part sand, 3 parts turf land and 6 parts peat. Purchased soil is also suitable, but, as practice shows, the nutrients in it are much less than if you prepare the mixture yourself. Seedlings of strawberries are planted in a container filled with earth at a distance of at least 70 cm from each other.

Be sure to choose 2 varieties of ampel strawberries: early and remontant. So she will delight her fruiting all season.

Ampel Strawberry: Seed Planting

Strawberry Care

Ampelic large-fruited strawberries require abundant watering. In case of hot weather, containers with strawberries must be moved to a shaded place for 1 week and covered with improvised materials. To create the most favorable conditions, it is better to place the bushes in a small greenhouse, which can be built independently by forming an arc from the wire and pulling a dense film on them.

Be sure to monitor the air temperature during the period of strawberry growth, which should be:

  • during the landing period - not less than 6 °, with humidity more than 70%;
  • during the ripening of berries and harvesting, the temperature should not be lower than 21 °, and the humidity should be about 60%.

Curly strawberries constantly eject tendrils, which must be periodically removed, leaving only those necessary for further reproduction. The antennae themselves do not twist on their own, they need help in this. The mother bush gives a lot of mustache, which is removed, leaving two rosettes. Ampoule strawberries give long shoots that can reach from 1 to 3 m.

Fertilizing and watering strawberries

Strawberries, like other plants, need abundant watering during the growth period. But here, too, it is necessary to observe the measure, since excessive watering can adversely affect the taste of the berry. Watering strawberries is necessary 2 times a day - in the morning and evening, using for each sprout from 100 to 500 g of water. Watering itself is carried out only on the basal zone, because if water gets on the tops of strawberries, they can deteriorate and fester.

The plant is fed every 2 weeks. Ammonium nitrate, boric acid, superphosphate, potassium permanganate, copper and zinc are used as fertilizers. A mixture is prepared from these components in a certain proportion.

When the ampelous strawberry gives the first crop, you need to prune the leaves and flowering buds at a height of 3-4 cm from the horn.

This will increase the next crop many times over. The duration of fruiting of ampelous strawberries is 3-4 years, after which it loses its properties, turning into a kind of wild small strawberry. After this time, the old strawberries must be completely removed from the container, and in its place to plant new seedlings. It does not make sense to transplant the old plant, since in the new place the size of the berries will be small, and the crop itself will be low.

Before preparing the winter season, curly strawberries should be wrapped with a cloth, polyethylene or transferred to the basement. You can put the culture on a glazed balcony, where, under favorable conditions, in winter, it will delight you with delicious berries.

Plant transplant

Strawberries can be propagated in the spring with the help of antennae, which grow from the uterine bush. Mustache must be taken from the largest plants. Planting material must be placed in a suitable area, after which the compliance scheme will be the same as for other plants.

You can try to grow wild strawberries from large berries, which during the fruiting period need to be collected, dried, and then planted in good soil. Ampel strawberries must be grown at a great distance from the garden, it is better if they grow in different parts of the garden.

After planting the plant, the soil around must be mulched with dry grass or sawdust, which will help retain moisture for a long period of time. During the period of growth of strawberries, it will be necessary to treat it from pests with the help of recommended preparations.

Strawberries: variety selection

Amp Strawberry Reviews

Nina Mikhailovna, 54 years old

My husband and I decided to make a winter garden on the balcony, decorating it with ampel strawberries. A very interesting and fruiting variety that blooms amazingly beautifully, is unpretentious in maintenance and pleases with the crop almost all year round.

Victor, 34 years old

As a gardener, I became interested in ampel strawberries, because I found only positive reviews about this berry, and bought seedlings for planting several years ago. Harvest not only pleased, but also very surprised. Over the entire length, this climbing plant was decorated with different sizes of fruits, which turned out to be much sweeter than garden berries.