Garden strawberry jelly: preparation, storage and use of dessert

Garden strawberry jelly: preparation, storage and use of dessert

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Ripe strawberry jelly is an amazingly delicious dessert dish filled with vitamins. There are many recipes for preparing such a dish and they are all simple - you can stock up on jelly for the winter, add gelatin to it or do without it.

Fresh strawberry jelly

Making a dessert takes very little time, it turns out to be fragrant and incredibly tasty. The algorithm for its preparation is simple:

  • Berries are prepared - they are sorted out (there should not be a single strawberry with traces of spoilage), gently wash mine in a colander and let the water drain.
  • The dried berry is poured into a saucepan, poured with clean water and put on a small fire. Proportions of ingredients: liter of water per kilogram of strawberries.
  • Cooking lasts 15-17 minutes, during which the mass must be regularly mixed.
  • After the specified time, the resulting mixture is removed from the heat and filtered.

  • Add 780-800 grams of granulated sugar to the boiled juice, mix thoroughly and put the dishes with syrup on the fire again.
  • Cooking should be done until the contents of the dishes are halved, not forgetting to remove the foam.
  • Then a packet of citric acid is added to the dish, the syrup is again stirred and removed from the heat.
  • Pre-diluted gelatin (about 25-30 grams) is added to the mixture, mixed until the grains are completely dissolved.
  • Now you should strain the syrup again - this procedure will completely relieve the syrup from gelatin lumps.
  • The mass is again set on fire and cooked, stirring frequently. Ready jelly is considered if a few drops of the mass, laid out on a saucer, thicken.

Cooked strawberry jelly is placed in a hot container and stored in sterilized jars with a volume of not more than 1.5 liters. The cans are rolled up with iron lids, do not hide and do not turn upside down - the jelly should cool at natural room temperature. The workpiece can be eaten immediately after cooling completely or placed in a cool place for long-term, up to six months to a year, storage.

How to make strawberry jelly

Frozen Strawberry Jelly

This dish can be served on the table as an independent dish, or as a decoration. To prepare it you will need:

  • 3 glasses of water;
  • 0.5 kg of frozen berries;
  • a tablespoon of dry gelatin;
  • 100-120 grams of granulated sugar.

The first step is to prepare gelatin - the indicated amount of ingredient is diluted in one glass of ice water, left for a couple of hours. After that, you need to dissolve the gelatin in a water bath, while making sure that the mixture does not boil.

The next step is preparing the berries. They must be wiped through a sieve or crushed in a mortar, previously thawed. The juice resulting from the manipulations is defended and poured into a separate container, and the puree is poured with water and put on the included stove. A small amount of strawberries can be left to decorate the dessert.

Then, a measured amount of sugar is added to the boiled mixture and the mass is boiled until sugar is completely dissolved. After cooking, the mixture is allowed to cool slightly, after which it is filtered. Berry juice and gelatin mixture are poured into the finished liquid, all the ingredients are mixed.

The mass is laid out in a clean, doused with ice water, silicone molds, on the bottom of which the berries left for decoration are previously laid. The dessert is placed in the refrigerator until it cools completely, after which it can be served on the table.

Using a similar recipe, you can cook no less impressive taste and aesthetic qualities of jelly from strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants.

Strawberry Jelly Gelatin Free

To prepare a delicious dessert without using gelatin, you need:

  • a kilogram of sorted and washed berries and a half a half unripe, peeled from the tails, seeds, peel of apples (grind to a puree state);
  • fill the mass with sugar and put on the burner turned on at medium power;
  • cook until thickened, not forgetting to constantly mix;
  • the finished jelly is laid out in sterile jars and closed with metal lids.

You can make gelatin-free puree not only with unripe apples, but also with mashed currant, it will have an original taste and a pleasant consistency.

Terms and rules of storage of the product

  1. If the jelly was not rolled into pasteurized jars, then its shelf life is no more than 4 days when storing the food in the refrigerator.
  2. Jelly in glass jars that have undergone preliminary sterilization and rolled up with iron lids retains freshness for a year, if stored in a cool place.
  3. If the finished product is not pasteurized or is in a container made of thermoplastic materials, it should be used no later than six months from the date of manufacture.

The benefits of strawberry jelly

Strawberries are extremely useful - it contains vitamins B2, C, B1, PP, as well as salicylic, citric and malic acids, glucose, trace elements and mineral salts, fructose and calcium. The benefit of strawberry jelly is the supply of tannins and other useful substances, antioxidants, glycine to the body.

Despite the fact that a certain part of the nutrients disappears when cooking jelly, a certain part of them remains in the finished product, which benefits the body. Due to the sufficiently long shelf life of jelly (if it is packaged in a hermetically sealed sterilized container), the body gets the opportunity to be saturated with vitamins all year round.

Do not eat strawberry jelly to people who have an individual intolerance to at least one of the ingredients and suffer from allergic reactions.

You may also be interested in an article in which we talk about the technology for making cherry jelly.

Serving dishes

Strawberry jelly can be served in bowls, on saucers, in tins, in citrus "boats" peeled from pulp and juice. Decorate a dessert dish with berries, mint leaves, whipped cream, pour it with syrups and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

If the meal is planned to be served in portions and it is necessary to move the jelly from the molds into the prepared dishes, then the jelly form should be taken, after removing it from the refrigerator, dip it down for several seconds in boiling water, and then turn over the saucer or bowl - the product will easily separate from the form.

Strawberry Dessert: Strawberry and Cream

When making strawberry jelly, you should strictly adhere to the technology in order to get the desired result: the dessert will be of a pleasant consistency, aromatic and tasty. Strawberry jelly is a low-calorie product in which a storehouse of vitamins, it will delight guests at a festive dinner and delight family members when served on a weekday.


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