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Hybrid of strawberries and strawberries

Hybrid of strawberries and strawberries

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Today in a seed shop I was offered to purchase a plant called raspberries strawberries. However, it doesn’t fit in my head: have the truth really managed to cross these completely different plants?

Yes, today the process of breeding hybrids is really gaining popularity. A hybrid of strawberries and raspberries is just one of them. Skeptics for a long time simply refused to believe in the very possibility of this, referring to the varieties of strawberries. However, as it turned out, in vain.

In itself, this is a very beautiful plant, which was first selected abroad at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a shrub that will slowly but surely crawl around your site. He takes root well even on untidy soil. Its flowering will occur in June, and fruiting in August. Strawberries raspberries will delight with their beautiful juicy fruits until the frosts.

In appearance, the berries are very unusual, they resemble garden strawberries. Strawberries, however, spread along the ground, and strawberries with raspberries are shrubs. After ripening from the berries, you don’t take your eyes at all: they are large, bright, juicy and very tasty. It is pleasant not only to eat them, but also to use them as a decoration of a festive table. It is strongly recommended that you wait for the final ripening, as the unripe berries of the strawberry-raspberry, although beautiful in appearance, taste very bitter. By the way, there is no single name for the hybrid yet, therefore the name of the raspberry is considered to be the most common.

Raspberry, however, is traced here very slightly, as in the photo.

How to plant raspberries

As you know, plant hybrids are usually better than their parents. This fully applies to this plant. Gardeners who managed to develop this variety note the absence of wormy spoiled fruits of raspberry strawberries. Minimal care of the plant will also please.

It is worth saying that the seedlings of this berry today are considered exotic, because their cost is high. This is a hybrid exotic. So it is up to you to decide whether to purchase such a plant or whether it is better to buy high-quality strawberries and raspberries for this money and plant them, supplementing with strawberries.