Harvest potato variety Karatop

Harvest potato variety Karatop

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Karatop is a very early potato variety that is known for its high yield. Potato karatop: variety description, photo, main characteristics. Potato Karatop appeared as a result of the desire of breeders to develop the perfect variety.

It is safe to say that the efforts were successful. The main advantages of this variety include:

  • early ripening;
  • rich and stable harvest;
  • superior palatability.

Potato: variety selection

Grade Features

Potato Karatop is easy to learn from the description of the variety. A smooth peel, which is characterized by a slight roughness, catches the eye. The peel is a pleasant yellow tint. The variety is characterized by a light yellow color of pulp, which is medium-grained in structure. Potatoes are distinguished by small root crops, the shape of which is round-oval or oval. The amount of starch content varies between 10-15%.

A moderate climate is the best condition for high yields. Potatoes took root well on Ukrainian and Russian soils. Timely planting and proper care are a guarantee of a rich harvest and excellent taste.

This type of potato is known for its early maturity. As experts say, already on the 50th day from the day of planting, you can enjoy the harvest, which promises to be rich. Entrepreneurs like karatop because it is characterized by excellent productivity. Already on the 45th day after planting, that is, during the first digging, you can collect 35 tons from 1 ha. The final stage of the ripening period pleases with even greater yield - up to 52 tons.

Karatop does not tolerate drought. In the absence of a natural source of moisture, it is worth providing full artificial irrigation. It is important to remember that in case of drought, tubers develop more slowly, as a result, the harvest will be later. There is a risk of poor harvest. Potatoes are particularly undemanding to the type of soil. The exception is the heavy particle size distribution of the soil. Growing potatoes in such soil requires additional conditions related to nutrition and care.

Great table variety

Karatop is a table variety of potatoes that is popular in home use and is widely used for industrial purposes. This is an excellent option for long-term storage, keeping rate is 97%. Suitable for germination and cultivation, not only in open ground, but also under the film.

If we talk about taste, when evaluating the variety on a five-point scale, the conclusion of agronomists is 4.7 points. The potato is well boiled, suitable for freezing, it is used to make crispy chips, juicy mashed potatoes, etc. A good option for lovers of excellent taste. Customer reviews about this variety are only positive.

The Karatop variety is resistant to mechanical damage and disease. In case of mechanical impact, the damage will be almost imperceptible. As far as diseases are concerned, potatoes are resistant to viruses Y and A, nematodes, potato cancer, late blight of the tops and glandular spotting. But the resistance to tubers late blight in potatoes.

If we talk about external indicators, then the potato bush is medium in height. High development speed is a distinctive characteristic of the variety. The type of plant is semi-erect. A weak anthocyanin color of the stem is known, which may be completely absent. Leaves of medium size, intermediate. The tops are painted in a green shade, on the edge of the leaf - a mild wave. During flowering, a small number of snow-white flowers are observed. One bush forms up to 25 root crops of medium size.

Potato Karatop was recognized by agronomists and gardeners due to its early maturity, high palatability and resistance to many diseases. Positive reviews from satisfied customers confirm the excellent characteristics of the variety.

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