How to determine the mass fraction of starch in potatoes at home

How to determine the mass fraction of starch in potatoes at home

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Good day! Tell me, what is the mass fraction of starch in potatoes? Why is one potato boiled and the other not? How to determine whether starchy potatoes or not? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hello, the mass fraction of starch in potatoes is different for each species. Potato varieties with high (from 25%) and high (20-25%) content of this carbohydrate during food processing will be friable, mealy. They are best suited for mashed potatoes and thick soups. An average potato is ideal for regular soups, potato pancakes, pancakes, and oven baking. Low-starch fruits are suitable for frying in a pan and deep-fried, salads and jacket potatoes. For a delicious roast, you can use potato assortment.

The starch content (polysaccharides of amylose and amylopectin) is an indicator that can vary within 5% in tubers of the same variety. It also depends on the period and conditions of ripening of root crops, their size and compliance with the temperature regime of storage of the crop. To accurately determine the mass fraction of this substance in tubers, a number of complex laboratory tests are needed.

There is an opinion among the population that potatoes with light and brown peels are more starchy than with pink and red. Oval golden yellow tubers are usually medium in starch. You can also feel the root crop and rub your fingers together. With a starchy variety, there is a feeling that the hand is smeared with chalk. At home, you can drip a drop of iodine on a slice - the blue the stain, the more starchy the potato.

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