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Is it possible to breed birds in a summer cottage

Is it possible to breed birds in a summer cottage

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Recently, my family and I moved to our suburban area, the idea came up to breed a bird in the backyard. However, I know that the birds are very noisy and smell from them throughout the county. In principle, we are not worried about these prospects, because breeding geese / ducks is quite a profitable activity in our area. But I don’t know how the neighbors will react. Is it possible to start a bird if there are people nearby through the fence? Has anyone complained about your living creatures and were there any conflicts about smells and noise? It’s just that in the villages the majority have livestock, and in the summer cottages people come to rest, as in our case.


We keep broiler chickens every summer, they are no less profitable than ducks or geese, but they behave much quieter, there is no such noise from them. And they don’t need a lot of space, even, on the contrary, it is recommended to limit movement for better weight gain. There is also no strong odor, you just need to monitor the timely change of litter. We use wood shavings for these purposes. There have never been problems with neighbors.