Growing strawberries from seeds: rules and features

Growing strawberries from seeds: rules and features

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Growing strawberry seedlings from seeds at home requires attention, patience and some skills. It is important to choose the right seeds, prepare them, sow in a certain period of time, and only as a result of correctly carried out work you will get strong and healthy seedlings.

How to choose the right strawberry seeds

It is best to buy seeds in a special store. The best choice is hybrid seed. From it you can get strong, healthy plantings, which in their characteristics are much better than vegetatively propagated plants.

Now, many gardeners prefer to plant seeds ordered in online stores and delivered by mail. However, in this case there is a risk of getting low quality products. Sachets are easily damaged when shipped, and seeds may be expired. Yes, and get advice on the best grades from a specialist seller will not hurt. A good seller will tell you which variety is right for you and how to care for it.

Choosing the seed material of strawberries, it is not worth saving, it is important to purchase the most large-fruited varieties. But it is important to know that care for such a plant requires more thorough care, and there will be less seeds in a bag than in small-fruited varieties.

How to prepare strawberry seeds for planting

In order to increase the germination of seeds of garden strawberries, it is necessary to carry out some preparatory work:

  1. Seed should be soaked in water (preferably thawed snow, as it is biologically active) for three days. No need to use a large amount of water, without air, the seeds suffocate, soaked just in a damp cloth. We make sure that it does not dry out, for this we put it either in a container or in a bag. Long soaking in this case is necessary in order to destroy growth blockers (inhibitors).
  2. After that, the seeds are laid out on a plate, on light paper, better than filter paper. The plate is placed in a bag and placed in a warm, shaded place. The optimum temperature is 18-20 degrees. Higher and lower rates will reduce germination.
  3. When the seeds hatch, you need to be very careful, you can use tweezers, a match or a toothpick to spread them on moistened peat tablets (or in the ground). It is not necessary to sprinkle with soil: germination will decrease. Moisten planting material from the spray gun and cover with plastic wrap or glass. Landings must be ventilated daily and, if necessary, moistened.

Strawberries from seeds: advice of O. Ganichkina

Rules for the processing of seeds of strawberries and soil

To sprout strawberries, it is important to properly prepare the soil and the planting material itself. For growing seedlings, you can purchase ready-made soil or independently prepare the version of the mixture that you like best. The best option is peat tablets. In this case, diving is not required, which is very important, since young strawberry plants are very tender.

Before sowing seeds, they should be stratified. To do this, within 5 days, the seed material is kept at an air temperature of less than +5 degrees - on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or on the balcony. Sprinkle it with snow if possible. In addition to stratification, garden strawberry seeds must be soaked in a growth stimulant solution.

How to care for seeds to sprout

Strawberry seedlings appear unevenly for 10-30 days. At this time, the ambient temperature should be 15 degrees. Seedlings need regular watering, the topsoil should not dry out. Watering is required very carefully, without destroying the topsoil.

After the sowing has been carried out, the containers should be put in a well-lit place. Emerging seedlings are recommended to cover with plastic wrap. In this way, a structure is created in which the plants are warm and humid. Drops of evaporated moisture can be removed from the film with a paper towel. A couple of times a day, an impromptu greenhouse must be aired.

It is not enough to plant seeds; it is important to ensure that they have enough light. If it is not enough, the plants should be clarified artificially. Planting strawberries with seeds at home implies the installation of a fluorescent lamp and a timer-socket. Turn on the light at 6 am, and turn off at 11 o’clock in the evening.

How to propagate strawberries with seeds

Propagating strawberries with seed is not easy, but this method has many advantages. Firstly, independently extracted seeds are stored for a long time, and secondly, plants obtained from them are less sick. Propagation by seeds is possible for all varieties, excluding hybrids.

So how to plant strawberries in this way?

  • Pick berries from well-developed bushes.
  • Take the seeds from the middle part or near the base.
  • Spread the seeds under the seedlings on blotting paper, wait until they dry.
  • Grind the seeds in your palms.
  • Put the finished planting material in a glass container.

Then you can sow strawberries. In this case, stratification and soaking is also carried out first, then the material is dried - and you can plant it in the garden.

When and how to plant seeds

We sow seeds for seedlings in February, in extreme cases, in early March. This is necessary in order to have time to plant young plants in the soil before the onset of summer heat. Seedlings should grow at home before planting in the ground for about 2 months. When planted in February, plants in the first year of life will yield a crop.

How to plant seeds in the soil for seedlings? Take the advice of Ganichkina. You can do this: put in a glass a special soil for berry crops, and pour calcined sand on top of it. Next, gently lay the seeds on the mixture, lightly sprinkling with sand. Close the cups with foil and poke holes in it.

How many days does a strawberry seed come out? As a rule, the appearance of seedlings takes about 2 weeks. The first sprouts are very thin, slightly thicker than the hair. With proper watering, after 2 months, sockets appear. After this, strawberries can be planted in a permanent place, it will quickly grow.

The secrets of growing strawberries

Propagating and sowing strawberries with seed is not too easy, but if you know the technology of the process, planting can be dealt with. Plants obtained from seeds give a better yield and are less sick.