Best Homemade Heart Buns

Best Homemade Heart Buns

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Sugar buns are a favorite treat of small and adult sweet tooth. Soft, lush, fragrant - they just melt in your mouth! There are many recipes for "hearts". All of them have a similar basis, and differ only in some nuances in the preparation of the dough and the types of fillings. Although in the traditional version, the buns are baked without filling. We offer you the five best recipes for heart buns.

Traditional recipe

This recipe for heart-shaped buns involves the use of the following products:

  • cow's milk - half a liter;
  • two eggs, one yolk;
  • flour - half a kilo;
  • sugar - one and a half glasses;
  • butter - one hundred grams;
  • vegetable oil - thirty grams;
  • yeast (dry) - fifteen grams;
  • a couple of pinch of salt;
  • vanilla.

How to cook:

  1. You should start cooking the dough by diluting dried yeast, sugar and salt in slightly warmed milk.
  2. Then flour is sent to this cocktail, everything is thoroughly mixed.
  3. The dough is placed in a container and waits a couple of hours in the warmth under a napkin. During this time, she should grow two times.
  4. When the base for the dough is "ripe", pour a glass of sugar into it, pour the melted butter and eggs.
  5. By adding flour, you can knead the dough. As a result, it should not remain on hand.
  6. And again, everything goes to wait for its "star" hour in the warmth.
  7. The remaining sugar is mixed with vanilla.
  8. The dough must be divided into four parts and roll out thinly - up to five millimeters. Sprinkle evenly with a mixture of sugar and vanilla.
  9. Each sheet is folded with a roll, which must be cut into slices four centimeters thick. Pieces, in turn, a little incision, and make hearts out of them.
  10. After laying the buns on a baking tray greased with sunflower oil, place in the oven. By this time, it has already been warmed up to a temperature of 180 degrees.
  11. We wait a couple of minutes, get the buns, cover their tops with yolk and sprinkle with sugar.
  12. Return the buns to the oven. They will be ready in about half an hour.

Serve buns better cooled: so they are tastier.

Egg-free heart buns

The next option for making buns does not require eggs among the ingredients.

And the products you need are:

  • milk and sugar - each in a glass (another two or three tablespoons of sugar are needed for the test);
  • a little less than a kilogram of white flour;
  • vegetable oil - half a glass;
  • yeast (dry type) - ten grams;
  • salt - a pair of pinch.

How to cook:

  1. Heat the milk to about forty degrees, pour a couple tablespoons of sugar into it, pour in the butter and complete the work with yeast. Stir everything and leave for ten minutes (warm).
  2. Then flour is added and the dough is kneaded. It should stand for another half hour.
  3. The dough is divided into equal parts (small) and rolled out quite thinly.
  4. The rolled plastics of the dough should be abundantly sprinkled with sugar, and then wrapped in rolls. Pinch the edges.
  5. Each roll is bent in half, its edges are connected. Having cut the products a little, we form hearts out of them.
  6. Cover the baking sheet with special paper, put the buns and bake for twenty-five minutes in the oven. The thermometer needle should be 180 degrees.

Coconut Pops Heart Buns: A Step-by-Step Recipe

To somehow diversify the usual delicacy, you can make it with a filling. An interesting option is coconut-poppy seed filler.

For buns you will need:

  • milk - a glass;
  • sugar - 130 g;
  • salt - a couple of pinches;
  • one egg plus a yolk;
  • flour - half a kilo;
  • butter - 100 g;
  • dry yeast - seven grams;
  • coconut flakes and ground poppy seeds - five tablespoons each;
  • vegetable oil - for lubrication.

How to cook:

  1. Mix the yeast with sifted flour and send together to milk.
  2. Here, two tablespoons of melted butter, three - sugar, as well as an egg and salt. And you can knead the dough to a soft, viscous consistency.
  3. At the next stage, the dough covered with a napkin “ripens” in a warm place for an hour and a half, and in the meantime, the filling is prepared: sugar is mixed with poppy seeds and coconut.
  4. Then the dough is kneaded a little more, divided into 15 parts, which are rolled into round cakes.
  5. Each cake is greased with oil (pre-melted), and the filling is on top.
  6. Then the cakes are folded (like pancakes), the edges are fixed, and this "doll" doubles.
  7. At the place of the bend, make an incision and deploy the product in different directions from it, so that something like a heart is obtained.
  8. On a baking sheet greased with vegetable oil, the buns should lie down for about twenty minutes, distance. And when they rise, you need to "polish" them with the yolk, then you can bake. Thermometer thermometer in the oven - at around 180, baking time - 20 minutes.

Pastries can be decorated with coconut.

Cottage cheese and yeast buns-hearts

The composition is as follows:

  • flour - half a kilo;
  • milk - a glass;
  • soft low-fat cottage cheese - 300 g;
  • sugar - a quarter kilogram;
  • butter (butter) - half packs;
  • one egg;
  • vegetable oil - a tablespoon;
  • 20 g of yeast (fresh);
  • a pinch of salt;
  • some vanilla;
  • 20 g of cinnamon.

How to cook:

  1. Half of the milk is warmed to a warm state and mixed with a tablespoon of granulated sugar - yeast is bred here.
  2. In a separate bowl, liquid butter, cottage cheese, vegetable oil, another tablespoon of sugar, an egg, the rest of the milk, vanilla and salt are combined.
  3. Add “yeast milk” and then add flour.
  4. Knead the dough, which leave to warm. Wait a couple of hours.
  5. Mix the remaining granulated sugar with cinnamon.
  6. For fidelity, knead the finished dough once more and divide it into 20 parts.
  7. Turn each piece into a thin cake.
  8. Cover the cakes with vegetable oil (you can do this with a brush), crush with sugar and cinnamon and roll up.
  9. The roll is folded in half, cut and twisted so that it turns out a heart. The ends are connected.
  10. Products should stand warm for another thirty minutes, and then their surface is covered with a yolk mass.
  11. Buns are baked in the oven on a greased baking sheet. The temperature is 180 degrees. The approximate time is twenty-five minutes.

Walnut Heart Buns

For heart buns with nuts you need:

  • milk - two and a half glasses;
  • flour - half a kilo;
  • egg;
  • dry yeast - 12 g;
  • butter - ¾ packs;
  • granulated sugar - one and a half cups;
  • nuts - a glass;
  • salt.

How to cook:

  1. Heat the milk and dilute the yeast in it, stirring. This also includes eggs, flour, half a glass of sugar and salt. Knead the dough, and at the finish add most of the butter melted until soft. The dough should not stick.
  2. After giving the test a spherical shape, leave to approach warm for an hour and a half.
  3. Grind the nuts and mix with the remaining sugar and melted butter.
  4. The finished dough is divided into small parts, from each a cake is made up to a centimeter thick.
  5. The cakes are sprinkled with a nut-sugar mixture and rolled up, which is folded in half and cut (not completely), turning into a heart.
  6. Buns are baked in the oven. Temperature - 180 g, time - 15 minutes.

Heart Buns (video)

Each of the presented recipes guarantees delicious buns, baking which is not difficult. Enjoy a tea party with one of the most delicious desserts!


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