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Why do tomatoes grow small fruits

Why do tomatoes grow small fruits

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Hello! I can not understand why the fruits of the tomato grow small. I grow in the open ground. I specifically bought large-fruited, but still small ones. What should I do to make the fruits grow large?


Deceived means you. What sort of?

the photo would be ... maybe they’ll be big early.

Maybe a lack of nitrogen. Without a photo it’s really hard to say.

and you can’t show the photo? And when was the seedlings sown? When did they drop off? And how many berries (tomatoes) from the moment of ovary?

and the shape is like a bull’s heart?

The same thing. When landing, added superphosphate and ash. Thought trample. There are beautiful bushes with flowers and without a tomato. And last year they didn’t eat a single red, they shot them in green. so that others grow up.

People eat beautiful tomatoes, but I don’t want to grow and blush. Already agree to any fertilizer. HB-101 has already scoured, watered with yeast, and so on.

I've already tried everything. probably have to change the soil.

hardly all the same, the matter is in the soil. First of all, as a rule, it is a matter of temperature, watering, and pinching.

Do you stepchild them, remove the lower leaves?

That year I had a Bobcat variety, it is written 500 gr. Stepsonka, in OG, grew by 300-400 grams first, the rest by 150-200. I shot them brown, ripened on the window, very tasty. A neighbor’s bull heart is 150-250 grams and there are five on the bush. And I collected half a bucket from the bush. Almost four buckets per season from three bushes. And this year the remaining seeds were not included.