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Cabbage care

Cabbage care

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Friends! Tell us how you care for cabbage? I just can’t grow up, everyone eats it. Either caterpillars, then black bugs, then again caterpillars, now again black bugs. What to do!?


I sprayed with energy

I used to use the ideal, but now I BAIKAL fertilize everything and indoor flowers too. I bought sapropel in soft packaging like mayonnaise at the free price, my kids and flowers like it very much.

While seedlings at home I do not feed her, I begin to feed when I plant

Besides water, I don’t spoil it with anything, but when it gets on a well-fertilized bed, it starts to develop very well. Overfed seedlings of dolgon produce fruits.

I plant only tomatoes and peppers together in the greenhouse. I don’t plant, but I read that it’s better not to plant tomatoes and eggplant together, I didn’t check. As for cucumbers, they like moist air, while tomatoes get sick from humidity. Just in case, I plant them separately, although I know that many of them combine and, as they say, are growing very well.

In a 3-meter greenhouse I made three 60 cm beds and two 60 cm walkways in Russia

I will plant cucumbers in another greenhouse, and tomatoes and peppers and eggplant can be planted in one greenhouse.

When there was one greenhouse planted all together and cucumbers, and tomatoes, and eggplant, and peppers, and greens, and annual flowers for seedlings and cabbage for seedlings. Everything is growing beautifully. Indeed, during the day the greenhouse is open, at night (if it’s cold) it’s closed, with tomatoes and cucumbers.

We also planted everything in one greenhouse :-) the main thing is the tomatoes in the middle to be aired and cucumbers and eggplants with peppers on the other

Thank you very much for the answers!

Eggplant and tomatoes do not plant together.

And how does pepper and cucumber grow in the same greenhouse?

Pepper, eggplant and cucumbers can be in the same greenhouse, and tomatoes separately 🙂

Pepper with cucumbers is possible, but cucumbers with tomatoes are not.

Eggplants, cucumbers and peppers can be in the same greenhouse, but tomatoes are better separately from everyone, they are good friends with basil.

They grow well.

That's good. I'll put them together.

And I will plant everything together - I have no choice so far. In the fall I will unsubscribe, as it were

I also have one greenhouse 3 * 6 m, divided in half with dense polyethylene. And the cucumbers and tomatoes grew well, were friends)

Have you divided the greenhouse along or across?

Across: hung like two curtains with an overlap, it was possible to move from one half to the other

That's the most NOT difficult thing is the asters, take your time. I put them on March 8, put them in a tray — on the ground — after 2 days they had already jumped out, very early. Planted: MIX and some from Biotechnology. For me, I think they can be safely planted in April, they are very unpretentious, now I will soon put them on the balcony. She planted Aubrietta, saxifrage, horrorss, such slow-thinking.

Yulino video about asters

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for the link, otherwise I didn’t watch this video

Good health! 🙂

Just looking!

I also scattered a saxifrage. Waiting, waiting and no. I’ve never planted her, this is a typical “slow-thinking” or it's time to get upset and put something else there

Yes, yes, planted on February 28-today 13th silence. Probably also something to transplant.

Similarly! Here are gardeners, Julia spoiled us with snails, where everything jumps out for 3-4 - and here it’s a little longer and that's all, to annihilation!

No no! We are waiting for the “first star” to find what: If the seeds did not germinate in the sowing year, then it is necessary to keep the pots moist throughout the summer and leave to winter for the second year, since many species require alternating low and high temperatures and have a very long germination period . The seeds of lendia hybrids (Arendsii-hibridae), the only ones that go on sale, do not blow any special preparatory measures. They can be sown for seedlings in March or directly in open ground in May without treatment with cold temperatures.

Maybe for a week in the refrigerator and again on the windowsill? Cheer up what?

-Well, why not? It’s possible in the refrigerator so that they are already exactly bent = I don’t like this, where a lot of trouble, to be honest.

I don't like it either. But if I scout this “infection”, I’ll put a monument for myself! I have not met seedlings and cuttings of this saxifrage in our area

Oh, I looked today, and the saxifrage without a refrigerator all hatch! Here is Chasstier! At least one sprout would survive now.

Mary and I have a basement. But SUCH a trifle is not a fact that it will generally grow. Will wait!

Where does she go from a submarine? Petunia is growing and this should!

I flooded the nest with “dichlorvos” and sped off into the house, left it an hour and a half later. Everything was already finished!

We treat the nests with the “Super” Clean House series spray. Immediately helps

One wasp kills so many flies and caterpillars that I don’t fight them, but I just try not to catch them) at one time I couldn’t even climb into the attic) there was a big nest 🙂

I agree to the Clean House account! In my country house, there were a lot of roofs. Sprayed with a clean house and rented a hive!

You can also try a house saber, too, drive away for a while and have time to remove the hive

Just chopped them down and burned)

Thanks everyone for the advice! I will try.

I have cabbage, tomatoes in the garden, cucumbers in the garden, then maybe the asparagus mortar beans will hatch.

And also eggplant and peppers in the greenhouse

I will plant eggplants, hydrangeas will sit and there will be sunflowers nearby (it’s just that I covered the strip from the grass надо cabbage and potatoes should be buried, I wouldn’t plant them in the cover. And everything else is normal. There is a double-sided cover, black and white, I bought 60 units black plain

Bushes are possible, barrel shafts are sold directly (it turns out to be unprofitable, it’s better to buy and cut it) for trees and bushes.

I planted cabbage on cover. Liked. And now I'm mulching. So cheaper. The result is the same.

And they say it is still necessary to put a certain side on the top, how to determine this? And how to water? Directly on it or in a slot?