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Why do young cherry seedlings drop leaves

Why do young cherry seedlings drop leaves

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Good day! Please help, in a young cherry seedling, all the leaves dropped sharply, as if there was not enough water, although it shed only 2 days ago. What could it be? There are no pests on the leaves, they are all green, without a single speck, only wilted.


jerk the trunk, push on the trunk circle ... maybe someone root has buried and it hangs in the air and below the surface of the soil is empty ... the second option is to plant recently with an open root ... and now you have sunny ... moisture from the leaves evaporates, but does not come from the roots. since the roots are damaged. So you need to reduce the amount of evaporation from the leaves, while the root is restored. We reduce it either by shading, or we put on top (if the seedling is small) a large plastic bottle without a bottom to increase the humidity around the tree ... or wrap it with lutrasil. And we water it every day ... And so for a month. Well, and if the green shoots are large - they should be shortened so that again the plant does not have a great need for water.