Description of tomato variety Pink Pioneer

Description of tomato variety Pink Pioneer

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Tomato Pink Pioneer from the Japanese company Sakata in Europe has long occupied its niche among the hybrids bred for industrial production. In Russia, the salad variety is known recently. It was entered into the state register of plants two years ago. The novelty of breeding is equally interesting for an amateur summer resident who has a greenhouse, and for a farmer who grows products for sale.

Main characteristics

A high-yielding hybrid, medium-early in terms of fruit ripening. You can expect the first ripe tomatoes 70 days after germination. The bushes are powerful, tall, belong to the group of indeterminate tomatoes.

An important characteristic of any variety is the taste of a ripe tomato; plum fruits have a harmonious, good pulp taste. The fruits are medium in size, the average weight does not exceed 200 g. The manufacturer declared the weight of 220 g. The fruits are stored perfectly, there are no complaints about the loss of presentation during transportation.

Attitude towards diseases is expressed by resistance to the following pathogens:

  • nematode;
  • brown spot;
  • mosaic virus;
  • leaf silver virus;
  • wilting (verticillous, fusarium).

Description - Sakata's short instruction on the care and cultivation of tomatoes contains recommendations for the formation of a bush. In greenhouses, tall tomatoes of the indeterminate type are recommended to be formed into one stem.

Such a scheme facilitates care, eliminates plant thickening, and guarantees good lighting of the entire plant. The taste of the fruit, on well-formed plants, is sweeter due to better illumination.

Productivity and purpose of use

During the tests, the variety showed a yield of 27.6 kg / m2. When grown in a greenhouse, following good agricultural technology, any summer resident can achieve a similar result.

The pink fruit can be eaten raw, in snacks and salads. The nutritional value of pink pulp increases with heat treatment, so any culinary dishes (soups, sauces) using pink fruits will be beneficial to health. The tomato pulp is quite dense, the fruits can be used in the preparation of canned vegetables.

Alternatively, you can use pink tomatoes to make tomato juice. The content of useful elements in the juice is increased, the benefits of such juice in the prevention of oncology are undeniable.

What do summer residents say about the variety

The Japanese hybrid is still little studied by Russian summer residents, there are reviews, but rather laconic and contradictory. Perhaps soon Pink Pioneer will be as popular as another tomato hybrid from Japan - Pink Paradise. Summer residents have already appreciated the Pink Paradise variety for the yield and sweet taste of the fruit, and success will certainly come to the new Pink Pioneer hybrid.

Lyudmila, Saratov

For two seasons she grew Japanese hybrids of the first reproduction: Pablo, Pink Paradise. I used tomatoes for canning. I liked the hybrids: the care is not difficult, the bushes lend themselves well to formation, the harvest is stable. Today, in addition to these hybrids, I planted Pink Pioneer - a salad hybrid with pink fruits. I was not mistaken with the choice, the fruits ripened early, I will not extol the taste to heaven, but quite tomato. The fruits are mature, very suitable for trading summer residents.

Anastasia, Yekaterinburg

I live in the Urals, due to weather conditions we belong to the zone of risky farming. In order to be less dependent on the vagaries of the weather, we equipped two polycarbonate greenhouses on the site. There are proven varieties that I plant every year, but I do not forget to try new ones. This season I have sown two hybrids of Japanese selection. I bought tomato seeds Pink Pioneer F1 and Pink Claire. I liked the Pink Claire hybrid more: the taste is excellent, the fruits did not crack, there were no signs of top rot. Pink tomatoes from the Pink Pioneer hybrid were inferior in taste. In all other respects, the second hybrid also suited me. Will I still plant these varieties, I have not decided yet, winter is ahead, I will still decide.

Seeds from Sakata

The Japanese company Sakata has been on the market for over 100 years. Pink tomatoes are her profile. It is the only company in the world to have a full range of pink tomatoes. The company offers seeds of resistant tomatoes: determinate, indeterminate, small, large, cherry, round and elliptical.

In addition to the Pink Pioneer tomato, the new line of pink tomatoes includes:

  • Pink Passion;
  • Pink Bush;
  • Pink Stone;
  • TM10739.

Scientists of this company use the latest technologies, create tomatoes of a perfect taste, resistant to diseases. GMOs are not used in the work, the main thing in the work of the company is naturalness. Japanese-bred tomatoes are in demand among buyers in European countries.

All new varieties from Sakata are tested in different climatic conditions on different continents.

Join the novelties of Japanese selection. If you come across seeds of a new hybrid on store shelves, buy, grow, share your experience.

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