When to plant peppers for seedlings in 2021 according to the lunar calendar?

When to plant peppers for seedlings in 2021 according to the lunar calendar?

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Summer residents from year to year engaged in agriculture, calculate in advance the timing of sowing seeds. So planting peppers for seedlings in 2021 is recommended on certain days. If you listen to the advice of experienced professionals, you can get a rich and timely harvest.

What should be considered?

For those who are faced with this issue for the first time, it is very difficult to understand why it is possible to plant today, and not tomorrow. Everything is explained by the position of the moon in the sky, its phases. Some summer residents claim that this is not true, others completely check with the heavenly body.

Planting peppers for seedlings in 2021 according to the lunar calendar should take into account the following nuances. First of all, this is the phase of the moon, when it grows, the aerial part of the plant develops. This forms the green mass and the fruits that are on it. When the moon is waning, the plant gives more power to the formation of the underground part, that is, root crops. Therefore, the days of sowing pepper for seedlings are best chosen on the growing moon.

Another important point is the days of the new moon and full moon, the moon especially affects the plants planted on these days. They do not sprout at all or they get very sick during the entire growing season.

In addition to the phase, the zodiac sign, in which the moon is at the present time, is taken into account. The most fertile sign is Scorpio, then Cancer and Taurus. Neutral signs: Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius.

They began to look closely at the moon in antiquity, following it, they received a good harvest. You should heed the knowledge of antiquity.

Selection of planting material

The term of fruiting depends on the selected crop variety.

Bell pepper:

  • Early varieties begin to mature in 110–120 days.
  • Average species after 125-135 days.
  • Late varieties after 140–150 days.

Hot pepper varieties:

  • Early 105–110 days.
  • Average 115-125 days.
  • Late 130–140 days.

Choose a specific species, best guided by the climatic characteristics of the growing region.

When to plant peppers for seedlings in 2021?

The first step is to determine the month in which this will occur. From January to April. You can get an early harvest, just plant the seeds of the peppers as early as possible.

Experienced summer residents do not advise doing this in January, as it is too early. Seedlings need a lot of light, preferably sunlight. And January is not happy with long daylight hours.

The most suitable times are February and March. But even a pepper planted in April is not difficult to grow. You just need to properly water, feed and care for the seedlings.

Auspicious days of January

If the decision is made to plant peppers this month, it is best to provide additional lighting. But still, summer residents recommend waiting a little and planting in February. The seedlings will be stronger and more adaptable. It is necessary to plant it in the ground after about 70 days. This must be taken into account, since overgrown plants will give a poor harvest. Seedlings are planted in April, this is very early. Even seedlings planted in a greenhouse are covered for the night.

Numbers of January:

  • 20.21 - Pisces.
  • 24-26 - Taurus.
  • 28.29 - Cancer.

Most suitable days of February

This month is considered suitable for planting. But best of all is not seeking to plant in the first few days. It is important to remember that 70 days will pass, the seedlings will be ready, and the weather may not yet be established.

The most unfavorable day for any planting, sowing, transplanting is the new moon on February 16.

A suitable time for planting seedlings in February is approximately its middle, then it can be transferred to a permanent place at the end of April. Such terms are more suitable for regions with a warm climate, where there are no recurrent night frosts. Or those summer residents who plant crops in a greenhouse.

Favorable days for planting pepper:

  • 17-18 - Pisces.
  • 21-22 - Taurus.
  • 25-26 - Cancer.

Auspicious days of March

This month is the most suitable. Since the seedlings grown from March to May are the strongest. The soil for the transplant warms up to the desired temperature. At the beginning of the month on the 2nd of the full moon and on March 17 the new moon, these days are considered unfavorable for planting.

Suitable dates of the month:

  • 3-5 moon in Libra.
  • 5-7 Scorpio.
  • 20-21 Taurus.
  • 24-26 Cancer, besides, the moon is growing.

The seedlings planted in the last days of March 2021 are ready for planting just in May 2021 or early June. This period is the most favorable of the year in all respects.

Most suitable days in April

Summer residents who do not want to spend a lot of time caring for seedlings, in the form of installing additional lighting or insulation, sow planting material this month. Since nature itself provides everything you need. The temperature is higher than in February and March, the daylight hours are longer, that's all the seedlings need.

Favorable periods of the month:

  • 2-3 Scorpio.
  • 12-14 Pisces.
  • 16-18 Taurus.
  • 20-22 Cancer.

Planting seeds

You should start by preparing the ground for pepper seedlings. They do it on their own, or buy it in stores. It is enough to mix:

  • Garden land 1 part.
  • Humus 2 parts.
  • River sand 1 part.
  • Wood ash 250–300 gr.

After the containers are filled, they begin to reject the planting material. For this, the seeds are sorted, removing damaged, moldy or having an external defect. Seeds purchased in the store do not need pre-sowing preparation. But if they are collected by yourself, it is recommended to process them.

Advice from a summer resident: how to check the quality of seeds. Ordinary salt is poured into a glass of water, the calculation is 1 teaspoon per 1 liter, stir, planting material is poured there. It is better not to plant what floats to the surface. Rinse the seeds with water and dry.

For disinfection, the seeds are placed in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes. Those who wish can carry out hardening so that when transplanted into the ground, the plants are more resistant to cold and heat. For this, the planting material is placed in hot and cold water.

When to plant peppers for seedlings depends on the climatic characteristics of the region. It is required to calculate the landing time well. Otherwise, the seedlings will outgrow.

Having decided on the days, the seeds are pre-soaked. This is done in order for the planting material to germinate. This makes it easier to see which seeds are worth planting and which ones are not. Take small containers, plant 1-2 seeds. The transplant injures the fragile roots of the culture, and so it is easier to transfer to the ground, the seedlings will take over faster.

After sowing, the pots are covered with polyethylene, so the seeds germinate faster.

Correct care

Regardless of the time at which the seedlings were planted, it is necessary to properly care for it. Considering only the phase and sign of the zodiac, you will not achieve an excellent harvest. Peppers are grown with special care, since they do not like transplanting. Even picking is hard to bear.

It is not worth watering too often, pepper does not like a lot of water, but the soil should not dry out either. Everything is good in moderation.

Seedlings provide a sufficient amount of light, a certain humidity and carry out complex feeding. At least 2 times, when the first 2 true leaves appear, and after 2-3 weeks.

Transplant to a permanent growing site

Growing in a greenhouse or vegetable garden differs in terms of transplantation. It can be transferred to protected ground much earlier, because the greenhouse can be closed at night, keeping the heat accumulated during the day.

They are planted in open ground in 2021 on the following days.


  • 9-11 moon in Pisces.
  • 18-19 moon in Cancer.
  • 24-25 moon in Libra.
  • 26-28 moon in Scorpio.


  • 5-7 moon in Pisces.
  • 15-16 moon in Cancer.
  • 20-22 moon in Libra.
  • 23-24 moon in Scorpio.

By consulting the moon, you can display your individual indicators of productivity and growth. The decision remains with the summer resident himself. But you can try, because everyone wants to get a credible harvest.

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