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Why white round spots appeared on tomatoes

Why white round spots appeared on tomatoes

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What about tomatoes? White round spots on the fruit? Destroy the plant?


oh, I have one ... nameless, I wanted to snatch ... but why eat it ???

Sunburn can? Why destroy?

similar to anthracosis. read from the internet, otherwise the photo is bad, you still know better

I don’t know what kind of sore, because of the white spots

there are round white spots on the fruits, I didn’t find anything similar on the Internet. I'll try to look like you said

but it turns out that there are such white spots throughout the fetus, they started to sleep, and spots are visible

Are the bushes themselves normal? spots on the leaves?

twisted a little, fruits with spots leaves seem green, and there are bushes where fruits are without spots, some leaves seem to be with rust spots

are the spots depressed or not? Are they increasing - not increasing? Are there any mucus or liquid in the spots? If the symptoms are positive, then these are not burns, but, possibly, rot

there is nothing that you asked, the spots increase as the fetus grows, they have already turned red and the spots are a little visible, like a white border

understandably. For the past week, trouble would have already begun if there had been rot. It remains only to look at the leaves, what are the spots on them: color, quantity, location? Are there any spots on the stems? How are the leaves curled along? Across? For now ....