Description of the tomato variety Kasatik and the features of its cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Kasatik and the features of its cultivation

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Two years ago, a new hybrid from the breeders of the Gavrish company, the Kasatik tomato, debuted on the market. This seed grower has been trusted by amateur and professional growers for many years. “Gavrish” once again did not disappoint. Kasatik definitely deserves the attention of tomato lovers.

Scientists have tried and combined in one hybrid all the qualities most beloved by vegetable growers:

  • determinant;
  • stable and high yield;
  • large-fruited;
  • mid-early;
  • pleasant to the taste;
  • suitable for both food and salting.

Growing tomato Iris f1

Most growers prefer tomatoes with short bushes, they are convenient to tie up and harvest. Therefore, breeders began to lay the property of determinancy into the hybrids. The bush develops and grows until it releases 4-5 inflorescences. After that, the growth of the main stem slows down sharply. The height of such tomatoes usually does not exceed 1-1.4 meters.


Seeds are sown for seedlings in late March, early April. After the appearance of two or three true leaves, the seedlings dive. It is very important to maintain good lighting and a moderate temperature in the first weeks, otherwise the seedlings can quickly stretch out.

These tomatoes are great for growing both in unheated greenhouses and outdoors.

Seedlings can be relocated to greenhouses at the end of April-May, and in open ground in June. The planting pattern is 40 x 60 cm. Iris are grown in one stem, and after transplanting to a permanent place they are tied to supports and be sure to stepchild.


The breeders made sure that the Kasatik came out mid-early. This important quality is appreciated by vegetable growers in the central part of our country. It is important that all the fruits ripen before the end of summer. After all, the ripening of the crop occurs only at temperatures above 24-26 ℃. Iris f1 gives a consistently high yield and is distinguished by the amicability of the return of tomatoes.

The fruits themselves are evenly distributed over the entire height of a powerful bush. Tomatoes grow quite large, about 200-250 grams each.

Meaning of f1 marking in the name

Important! Do not try to harvest seeds from hybrid tomato varieties yourself.

Many amateur vegetable growers unknowingly try to collect seeds from their favorite hybrids. This is not necessary, since the f1 marking in the name of the Kasatik seeds indicates that all the properties of this variety are fixed only in the first harvest. Further, the hybrid will split into all sorts of varieties that participated in the selection when creating the Kasatik, and many of them may have been sterile and the seeds will not sprout.

The preparation and collection of seeds of hybrid varieties should be entrusted to professional breeders from trusted seed producers.

Taste characteristics of tomato Kasatik f1

Although the Kasatik f1 hybrid appeared on the market quite recently, it already has positive reviews from “pioneer” vegetable growers.

The tomatoes taste excellent, the fleshy juicy pulp harmoniously combines sweetness and pleasant sourness, the skin is not rough, and the seeds are small and almost invisible. Such tomatoes are perfect for processing into tomatoes and juices, and will also take pride of place on the table fresh.

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