Description of the tomato variety Love earthly and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Love earthly and its characteristics

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Tomato Love is an earthly standard determinant culture, developed by Russian breeders. The variety is suitable for beginner gardeners who are not yet familiar with the garden. The culture does not require much attention, but it bears well and bears early fruits.

Plant characteristic

The plant is a standard type with a height of 150 cm. The bush grows tall and requires formation and tying. The variety feels good, both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. In terms of ripening, the tomato Earthly love belongs to the early varieties, the first fruits can be obtained in 90 days.

The plant has many leaves. Low yield, on average, up to 6 kg is obtained from one bush. It is recommended to plant seedlings at the end of March. Plants love freedom, so before planting seedlings, you do not need to save on the distance between the tomatoes.

Description of fruits

Gardeners are very pleased with the fruits of the variety. Tomatoes are characterized by their versatility. Well suited for both fresh and canned use. The fruits are excellent for canning and pickling, they have an attractive appearance. The ripe fruit has a bright rich red or burgundy color. The shape is even and round, without ribbing and green base.

The tomato has a mild pleasant sweetish aftertaste. The fruits are quite large in size. Average weight is 200-300 grams. Vegetables have a thin but dense skin that protects the tomato from cracking. The tomato has good keeping quality and transportability. Gardeners often use this variety commercially.

In addition, tomatoes are also useful and have a lot of vitamins in their arsenal.

Pros and cons of the variety

The variety has many advantages. This is its early maturity and disease resistance. Tomato has a good immune system. Tomatoes are versatile, taste good, and are often used commercially. The plant is unpretentious to care. It is enough to water and loosen the ground in time.

The disadvantages are the need for pinching and garters, as well as the fragility of the stalk. During the growing stage, the plant is capricious to fertilize.

Growing recommendations. Earthly love grows tall and has a fragile stem. Therefore, the plant needs a garter, otherwise the trunk may break off. If the bush is grown in open ground, then you do not need to do pinching. But this can lead to a longer maturation.

The culture has good immunity, therefore, if the normal care of the plant is observed, it will not get sick. Care consists in regular watering, loosening the soil and fertilizing.


Olga, 42 years old

I am a novice gardener, so I am now looking for the perfect variety for me and my family. I liked the characteristic and description of the variety and decided to try to plant it in my garden. I am very satisfied. The plant does not get sick and gives early fruits. I recommend.

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