Description of the Superstar tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Superstar tomato variety and its characteristics

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The Superstar tomato is designed for growing in greenhouses. Variety - semi-determinate type, salad. Description of a semi-determinant plant - shoots grow to a certain height, do not require pinching the tops. Those who planted tomatoes of this variety on their site claim that the plants need regular pinching and tying to supports. Since the ripening tomatoes are large enough, additional supports should be placed under the stems so that they do not break.

Description and main characteristics

The main advantage of this vegetable crop is early maturity - from the moment the first shoots appear to harvest, it takes three months. Bushes are tall, medium-branched, foliage is above average. The shoots are erect, strong enough, in height they can reach 1.3-1.4 m. The foliage is of medium size.

This variety was bred by European breeders specifically as a salad variety; large fruits are not suitable for conservation, although you can make delicious tomato juice, sauces and tomato puree from them.

Superstar belongs to large-fruited varieties, tomatoes ripen large in size, highly ribbed. The weight of the fruit can reach 0.25 kg (sometimes more), the color of the dense skin is bright red. The pulp is fleshy, with excellent taste, the number of chambers is up to 4-5 pieces, the number of seeds is average.

Productivity is high, up to 3.5 kg are usually harvested from one bush, and up to 10-12 kg of ripe tomatoes from 1 m².

The characteristic of the variety will be incomplete without mentioning the resistance of the Superstar tomato to diseases. This vegetable plant never gets sick with phytophthora, because the harvest ripens before the causative agents of this disease "attack" the cultivated plants. The resistance of this vegetable plant to other viral and fungal diseases is quite high.

Advantages and disadvantages of Superstar

The obvious advantages of the Superstar variety include:

  • high and stable yield;
  • the possibility of growing in greenhouses and on balconies;
  • fast ripening of the crop;
  • excellent marketability and taste of ripe tomatoes;
  • large fruits;
  • resistance to major diseases of nightshade.

Reviews of those vegetable growers who planted this variety in their greenhouses say one thing - there are practically no shortcomings in the Superstar tomato. We can only note the need to tie up shoots and remove stepchildren.

The nuances of growing

Sowing material for seedlings should be planted in the second decade of March. Seedlings should dive at the stage of 2-3 true leaves. After about two months, young plants that have been grown at home can be planted in a greenhouse. Seedlings, which were planted in greenhouses in mid-May, usually give a good harvest in 1.5 months.

After planting seedlings in a permanent place, caring for them consists in regular watering, loosening the soil, removing weeds and feeding.

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