Characteristics and description of the Chukhloma tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Chukhloma tomato variety, its yield

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Previously, the dacha was used exclusively for recreation. But, today, in suburban areas, you can increasingly see the beds on which various vegetables are grown. Tomatoes are especially popular here. And this is not surprising. After all, they can be used to prepare various dishes, including canned foods. Today on the market you can find seeds of various varieties of tomatoes. One of these is the Chukhloma tomato.

Description of Chukhloma tomatoes

Chukhloma tomatoes belong to a mid-season variety. They mature in 110-115 days. Plant height reaches more than 2 m. Tomatoes of this variety are intended for planting in open ground or greenhouses. Of course, in the latter case, a rather cumbersome structure will have to be erected. If the greenhouse is small, it will interfere with the normal growth of the plant. As a result, the yield may be reduced.

Important: Chukhloma tomatoes are difficult to grow on balconies. This is worth considering for those who wish to plant such vegetables in their apartment.

The Chukhloma variety has a fairly high yield. Brushes are formed on the bushes. Each of them ripens from 10 to 12 fruits. With proper care, up to 5.5 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one bush. When planting a plant on a site, it is worth following a scheme according to which one bush accounts for 0.2 m2... Thus, I planted no more than 5 plants on one square.

Experts recommend adhering to this scheme. If there are more bushes, this will lead to their abnormal development. As a result, the yield is significantly reduced.

Pros and cons of the variety

Chukhloma tomatoes have many benefits. Among the main ones are:

  • high productivity;
  • resistance to many diseases, especially fusarium, cladosporium, mosaic;
  • the ability to grow in different regions;
  • practicality.

As for the last point, it is worth noting here that the fruits of this variety can be stored for a long time. They also have a marketable appearance and are adapted for transportation.

If we talk about the disadvantages, then it is worth noting some difficulties in growing plants in soil. Since the bush grows quite tall, it must be tied securely... It is also worth noting that such plants, due to their growth, are not suitable for growing in regions with a fairly strong wind, which can break them.


Chukhloma tomatoes have a bright orange hue. The weight of one fruit can reach 120 grams. Of course, in order to achieve this result, you must follow all the rules for growing a plant. It is quite simple to distinguish Chukhloma from other varieties. The fruits are banana-shaped, with firm skin and fleshy flesh. Due to this, they are widely used for whole-fruit canning and for sale, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Important: To ensure high yields, it is necessary to take into account that the best predecessors for Chukhloma tomatoes are dill, parsley, zucchini, cauliflower and carrots.

As the description of the variety indicates, Chukhloma tomatoes are distinguished by their high transportability and long-term storage. That is why they are highly popular among farmers. The fruits are grown not only for sale, but also for canning. They can also be used for the preparation of various dishes and for pure consumption.

How to grow a tomato correctly

As noted, Chukhloma tomatoes are often grown for sale. This means that the main task is to collect a large harvest. This can be ensured by proper care of the plant. Tomatoes are grown using the following technology:

  1. Prepare seeds for sowing. Here it is enough to follow the classic scheme. To begin with, the seeds are soaked in a growth stimulator for a couple of days. After that, spread on a saucer or shallow plate. Then cover them with a damp cloth. This will provide optimal conditions for rapid seed germination.
  2. When the seeds take root, they are planted in prepared pots. It is worth noting here that it will take 1.5 months to ripen seedlings, which can be planted in unprotected soil. This information will be needed for those who want to accurately plan the course of growing a tomato for sale.
  3. After the seedlings are ripe and strong, I planted them in the beds or in the greenhouse. In this case, it is worth adhering to the planting scheme, according to which, for normal plant growth, a place of 50 x 40 cm will be needed.

In the process of growing a tomato, it is worth adhering to some rules. The ground around the bush must be weeded and loosened periodically. Specialists recommend paying special attention to feeding. For this, nitrogen fertilizers are often used. When it comes to watering, it is best to use warm water.

Periodically, it is worth adding special agents to it, which provide the plant with all the necessary substances.

Diseases and pests

As the characteristics show, Chukhloma tomatoes are highly resistant to diseases such as cladosporium, fusarium and tobacco mosaic. Open ground is dangerous for tomatoes. There are viruses that can cause significant harm to the plant:

  1. Late blight. A common disease that manifests itself in a whitish plaque located on the underside of the leaf. Affected tomatoes are covered with oval spots that have a dark gray tint. Over time, they develop and penetrate deeper, more and more affecting the fetus.
  2. Alternaria. An equally common disease that can affect plants, both in open ground and in greenhouses.
  3. Cladosporium. Most often it affects the leaves of plants that grow in greenhouses.

In the presence of such diseases, it is necessary to immediately start treating them. This will preserve the yield.

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