Features of storing roses in the basement in winter, how to properly dig a bush

Features of storing roses in the basement in winter, how to properly dig a bush

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To successfully store roses in the basement in winter, there are many features to consider. In order for the plant to be planted in the ground in spring, it must provide suitable conditions. First of all, it is recommended to properly prepare the bushes for digging. To do this, they are pruned and treated with fungicides. In order for the culture to remain viable, it is worth providing suitable temperature and humidity parameters.

How to dig a rose for the winter

Storing roses in the basement is considered a convenient and affordable method of creating optimal conditions for the bushes.

To preserve the viability of plants, it is worthwhile to carry out the preparatory work correctly:

  1. After flowering, the bushes need pruning. The procedure is recommended at the end of September. In some regions, morning frosts already begin at this time. This means that the roses have a dormant period. Shoots are cut at a height of 30-70 centimeters from the ground surface. At the same time, at least 8-10 buds should remain on the plant. Young shoots will appear from them in the spring.
  2. After the end of the pruning, it is worth getting rid of the remaining foliage. Treat the ground part of the crops with fungicides. The best option would be Bordeaux liquid. This procedure helps to cope with pathogenic fungi. When storing plants in conditions of high humidity and low temperatures, there is a risk of shoot rot. To cope with hibernating parasites, insecticidal preparations are used - for example, Intavir. The bushes should dry out a little before digging up.

After that, they are allowed to be dug up. Experienced experts say that slightly frozen plants are well kept.

Therefore, it is better to dig them out in dry weather at night temperatures of + 1-2 degrees.

If the procedure is carried out in high humidity conditions, it will be difficult to remove the soil from the roots of the plant. If precipitation is observed too often, it is recommended to dig up the roses and dry them for 1-2 days in a warm place. Thanks to this, it will be possible to get rid of the excess soil. If it is necessary to transport roses, it is recommended to tie them with a rope. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid branch breakage.

It is recommended to dig up the soil in which the roses grew immediately. If necessary, the soil is treated with weed control agents. This will make it easier to plant the bushes in the spring.

Storage preparation

To prepare roses for storage, you should choose the right method. There are several suitable options:

  1. In containers filled with soil. The root system should be immersed in buckets or special containers. Several plants can be placed in each container. They should be fairly tight. Free space should be covered with fertile soil. During the procedure, the container should be shaken periodically. Thanks to this, the roots will be densely covered with earth. In conclusion, the bushes should be watered. This method is convenient when you need to transport plants.
  2. With the addition of sand. Using this method helps to retain moisture for a long time and prevent the active growth of shoots, even in high temperature conditions. Storage can be organized in the same way as when using soil.
  3. On the shelves. If there are special shelves for plants in the basement, there is no need to use containers. To avoid rotting or spreading infections, it is recommended to wash and dry the racks well before laying the bushes. The shelves should be covered with parchment and roses should be placed on them. Every 2-3 weeks the bushes should be examined. If the root system is very dry, it is recommended to moisten it with water.

How to keep a rose in a basement or cellar in winter

To store bushes in the basement, they need to provide suitable conditions. The temperature should be at + 1-4 degrees. Humidity parameters must be at least 70%.

Cuttings should be kept in plastic bags or containers filled with wet sand.

When using sand for storage, it is recommended to treat the lower cut of plants with Kornevin. This activates the formation of callus and stimulates the emergence of roots in the spring. Regardless of the method of storage, it is recommended to inspect roses at least once a month.

When to get flowers?

It is recommended to remove the roses in the container in early spring, cut them off and pour compost into the soil. Move the plants to the greenhouse and grow until mid-May.

Roses can be kept in the basement. To do this, it is necessary to choose the right storage method and provide the plants with optimal temperature and humidity parameters. Periodically, the bushes are recommended to be inspected for drying out or signs of deterioration.

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