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When is the best time to transplant chrysanthemums?

When is the best time to transplant chrysanthemums?

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In the spring planted cuttings of chrysanthemums. All took root, but do not bloom. Probably chose the wrong place (partial shade). Tell me, when is it better to transplant them: now or in the spring?


They gave me a stalk and I planted it and over the summer it turned into a 1.5x1.5 bush. But this winter, he completely froze, but I managed to put the baby in another place in a year. As a result, the big froze, and the baby over the whole summer grew by 20cm and that’s all ... In the spring I’ll transfer to another place, she can see her here. Mom planted 3p, current 3rd place for her ponra)))

My cuttings grew, but only the smallest of 9 bushes began to bloom. I want to dig them up and take them home

How many years in a row I planted bushes in the fall, do not go in any way - they die, I decided for myself: to plant only in the spring.

There are varieties of early, medium, late. I have many chrysanthemums and some bloom in June, others in September, others in November

I read that they, like dahlias, are dug up for the winter.

Do you need to cut chrysanthemums for the winter?

Thanks, I will know now. I have long wanted to plant.

When I bought cuttings (in spring) they suggested replanting them in a greenhouse for the winter ... I’ll try, and I’ll take the cuttings from them and try to propagate them)))

Do you need to cut it for the winter?

The first time I planted chrysanthemums today, one was given a cuttings, several others were grown from seeds. Cherenkovy blossoms obliquely, while only one has blossomed from seeds, and some flowers are rare and flawed, only the buds on the others. I suppose that they should be fully bloom next year? Regarding pruning, I’ll also assume that it will be more convenient to cover it with either spruce branches or humus, will it?

of the seeds are also flawed, next year, I hope they will be beautiful. I don’t know about shelter, I don’t know.