Instructions for the use of Bankcol and the composition of the insecticide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for the use of Bankcol and the composition of the insecticide, dosage and analogues

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"Bankolom" is recommended to process plantings where the Colorado potato beetle, bear or other types of dangerous insects are found. The advantage of the drug is its use in any weather, it has low toxicity, and is characterized by excellent efficiency. The tool is applicable for targeted treatment of plantings of potatoes, eggplants, hops, tomatoes, rapeseed, cereals.

The active substance and form of release of the drug

"Bankol" is a contact-intestinal type of insecticide. In addition, it is an acaricide that is used to get rid of parasites that gnaw the stem and suck out the cell sap of plants.

The main base substance is bensultap. It was tested by Japanese scientists in the second half of 1981 and passed all certification stages. Bensultap was first eliminated from the body of marine annelids. Then the substance began to be produced artificially. Synthetic is not inferior in quality to natural neurotoxin.

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Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

"Bankol" is produced in the form of a powder intended for the preparation of a suspension. The final shade of the solution is creamy, milky. The correct consistency is considered the substance obtained as a result of mixing without lumps and bubbles.

How does it work and what is it used for?

The substance prepared according to the instructions gets inside the insect and begins to act on the parasite's body through the blood. Gradually "Bankol" paralyzes the nervous system of the insect, which leads to complete immobilization and death. The drug is used to get rid of parasites that have become entrenched in plantings of vegetable or cereal crops.

Benefits of using Bankcol:

  • acts on the border of temperatures from -10 to +30 degrees;
  • works against rare insect pests;
  • is not addictive, therefore it can be effective for a long time;
  • low toxic;
  • well soluble when added with water

Reference! Bankcol does not have a strong, pronounced odor.

Instructions for the use of insecticide

The suspension for spraying plantings is prepared in strict accordance with the instructions. The amount of the drug is calculated based on the type of culture that is being processed:

  1. To eliminate parasites on nightshade crops, take 2-3 grams of powder, mix with a little water. The mixture is poured with 5 liters of water. The prepared solution should be sufficient to process 100 square meters of plantings.
  2. To spray indoor flowers, mix 0.5 grams with 1 liter of water.
  3. If necessary, the spraying process is repeated. It is performed 3 weeks after the first procedure.
  4. The solution prepared according to the instructions is used within 2-3 hours after mixing.
  5. To destroy the bear, they prepare bait with powder. To do this, take 10 grams of powder for 10 kilograms of bait, mix until smooth. The bait is buried in the soil to a height of 3-5 centimeters.
  6. The alfalfa weevil, which traditionally settles on hops, is destroyed using a product at the rate of 700 grams per 1 hectare of planting.

Information! Work is recommended to be carried out in dry and warm weather, early in the morning or late in the evening.

Safe to use

"Bankol" belongs to the group of drugs of the third group of toxicity. It is safe for animals, humans, birds and fish. One of the advantages of the product is that it does not accumulate in soil or water, does not remain on plant parts for more than 14 days.

When working with the product, the following safety measures must be observed:

  • spraying is carried out using protective gloves, glasses;
  • after working with the preparation, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water;
  • at the time of spraying, it is necessary to remove pets and young children from the site.

First aid

If the liquid gets on the mucous membrane of the eye, it is urgent to rinse the affected area with warm clean water. If part of the drug accidentally ended up inside the esophagus, you need to take 4-5 tablets of activated carbon to remove the substance.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Attention! If after 3 hours after ingestion of the drug, the symptoms of poisoning persist, then an urgent need to consult a doctor.

Compatibility with other drugs

"Bankol" is used in conjunction with the following funds:

  • growth stimulants;
  • fungicides;
  • substances intended for the treatment of fungal diseases.

The drug is effective against pests that have been treated with other insecticides, but have not died. This often happens if the wrong product was selected for spraying.


The drug is stored where children or animals cannot get it. Storage temperature: -30 to +30 degrees. The shelf life is 3 years from the date of production. Do not store the product open, and also leave it in a room with high humidity. Improper storage significantly reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

Analogues of "Bankola"

To replace "Bankola", you can pick up drugs from the category of low-toxic insecticides, which are analogues of the tool.

Ruban is a drug traditionally used for locust control. It is created on the basis of a neurotoxin that acts on the nervous system of the pest. The neurotoxin bensultap is isolated from the body of marine annelids and does not pose a toxic hazard to humans. The plantings are sprayed with "Ruban" many times until the pest is completely destroyed. "Ruban" is not addictive, therefore it is used many times.

"Arubarin" can be used as an analogue of "Bankol". It is a reliable Japanese drug that is used to combat pests that penetrate into plants. With its help, worms, leaf rollers, caterpillars, whiteflies are eliminated. A solution of powder can be used to process seedlings, indoor flowers, vegetable plantings. "Arubarin" is safe for humans.

Biotlin is a modern systemic insecticide that effectively affects the nervous system of parasites. "Biotlin" is used to treat indoor plants, vegetables and fruit and berry crops from different types of aphids. Biotlin is effective against leafworms and worms.

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