Description of the tomato variety Persian tale, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the tomato variety Persian tale, its characteristics and productivity

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Gardeners who choose tomatoes with an early ripening period for planting should definitely pay attention to the Persian Tale tomato. The hybrid gives high yields and perfectly tolerates unacceptable weather conditions for the crop.


An early ripe hybrid variety. Fruits ripen 104-107 days after sprouting. Determinate bush, strong, densely leafy. The first inflorescence is formed over 5-6 leaves. Above the stem, inflorescences of 5–7 fruits are placed through one leaf.

Fruits, round in shape, are covered with a dense, smooth skin. Ripe tomatoes are orange with a peach tint. There is no spot around the peduncle. The average weight of the fruit is 130–150 g. The taste is pleasant, intense. In addition, due to the content of carotene and ascorbic acid, and a number of other trace elements, the vegetable is useful for the body.

The variety sets fruit well in cloudy and cool weather. As a result of crossing, tomatoes gained high immunity to most fungal and viral diseases of tomatoes, including tobacco mosaic, Alternaria.

Those who planted tomatoes The Persian Tale attribute resistance to pathogenic bacteria to the main advantages of the variety. The Persian fairy tale hybrid is intended for cultivation in the garden bed, in greenhouses and greenhouses.

Features of growing and care

Like many varieties of tomatoes, the Persian Tale tomato variety is grown in seedlings. Seeds are sown in seedling boxes filled with turf soil, humus and sand based on a ratio of 2: 2: 1. The optimum furrow depth for sowing tomatoes is 1.5–2 cm.

The container, covered with glass or film, is placed in an illuminated place where the temperature is stably kept above +16 ⁰С. After the emergence of shoots, the shelter is removed, and the temperature is lowered by 2-3 degrees. A plant grown in this way does not stretch.

To harvest a generous crop, you need to not only plant tomatoes correctly, but also carefully look after them. Necessary manipulations:

  • Watering. Since tomatoes are afraid of high humidity, they rarely water the crop, but abundantly. For the normal development of the bush and active fruit setting, it is enough to water once a week. During the rainy season, the frequency of watering is adjusted based on the condition of the soil.
  • Picking. Young plants are transplanted into separate pots with a diameter of 10 cm after the formation of 2-3 true leaves. Seedlings are planted in a greenhouse or garden bed at the age of 50–55 days or after 5–6 leaves have been released.
  • Top dressing. Complex mineral fertilizers or organic solutions are applied under tomatoes 2-3 times. It is impossible to increase the number of dressings, and even more so to introduce an excess amount of nitrogen: the chemical element contributes to the development of green mass, which slows down the growth of fruits.


Regulars of gardening forums share their impressions of growing garden crops. The reviews about the hybrid are positive: vegetable growers assure that the bred variety is fully consistent with the declared characteristics.

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