Instructions for the use of microbiological fertilizer for plants Radiance

Instructions for the use of microbiological fertilizer for plants Radiance

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Natural farming, which involves the use of effective microorganisms, is considered a real trend today. Fertilizer "Shining" helps to revitalize the soil, intensify plant development and increase productivity parameters. Such drugs allow you to cope with pathogenic bacteria that cause dangerous diseases in cultivated plants.

Active ingredient and form of release

The basis of fertilizers from this line is considered to be beneficial bacteria, which have a beneficial effect on the development of crops and improve the structure of the soil. In the composition of dressings there is an ideal balance of elements that help to achieve the following effects:

  • bind nitrogen from the atmosphere, process it and enrich the soil;
  • to process organic matter with the release of valuable trace elements;
  • suppress the activity of pathogenic flora;
  • dispose of the remains of organic raw materials after plant maturation;
  • tie up heavy metals.

The line of "Shining" fertilizers includes 3 preparations. They differ in release form and concentration. The scope of application also depends on this. All these funds were developed in Novosibirsk under the BakSib brand. This happened at the EM-Biotech SPC. Since 2005, they began to be produced under the Siyanie brand.

Siyanie-1 is produced in the form of a dry concentrate, from which 3000 liters of working fluid can be obtained. The composition is suitable for pre-sowing treatment of seed material, watering and foliar feeding. It is also often used for composting crop residues, spring preparation and decomposition of crop residues introduced into the soil in the fall. The main task of the tool is to increase soil fertility.

Means "Shining-2" is used for planting seeds, growing seedlings and other similar work. The preparation contains mainly anaerobic bacteria. Therefore, they first need to fill the soil and only after that carry out planting work.

The composition "Shining-3" is used to accelerate the maturation of compost. It is produced in the form of enzymes that are grafted onto wheat bran. The composition is used not only for composting. It can be used to eliminate unpleasant odors from cesspools or after processing food waste.


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Fertilizer "Shining-5" is also found. It is made on the basis of the first and second "Shining". The composition is used to prevent the development of fungal infections in plants.

What is fertilized?

The microbiological preparation is used for different types of plants. They can feed vegetables, berry bushes, fruit trees. Thanks to this, it is possible to make the fruits of higher quality and improve their taste characteristics. The use of the tool allows you to improve the structure of the soil and make it more fertile. In addition, the composition helps to make the site more attractive. When used correctly, the drugs from this line have many advantages. Key benefits include the following:

  • increase in productivity by 2-2.5 times - it all depends on the type of plant;
  • increasing the parameters of seed germination;
  • rapid development of seedlings - it becomes healthier and stronger;
  • a decrease in the ripening period - this is of particular importance for northern regions with short summers;
  • destruction of pathogenic bacteria, reducing the risk of developing dangerous pathologies;
  • a significant improvement in the composition of the soil - this is due to its enrichment with nitrogen and phosphorus;
  • saturation of plants with valuable substances.

Instructions for the use of "Shining"

Preparations based on beneficial microorganisms are not enough just to mix with water and use for watering the beds. To get a working fluid, you need to take 1 sachet of the product and mix it with 500 milliliters of warm water. Leave to infuse for a day.

Then the prepared composition should be combined with water in a ratio of 1: 100 for soil preparation in autumn or spring and 1: 1000 for watering crops during the growing season. It is permissible to keep the finished composition in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. At the same time, it is not recommended to freeze it.

To prepare the soil for seedlings, it is worth using half a glass of dry "Shining-2" fertilizer on a bucket of soil. After that, it is recommended to moisten the soil and remove it for a couple of weeks in a sealed container or plastic bag. This is necessary for the development of bacteria. The process should take place in a dark and warm place.

To make compost, you need to use the composition "Shining-3". To do this, it must be poured onto a layer of crushed organic waste 30 centimeters thick. A glass of substance is used for 2 square meters. After that, the layer should be moistened and sprinkled with soil. In this way, several layers are made out.

If the compost has been placed in advance, the preparation must be added through the holes made in the heap with scrap. Half a glass of the substance is poured into them and water is added. In any case, in the end, the compost needs to be watered with the "Shining-1" solution. To do this, take half a glass of the drug in a bucket of water. Cover the compost from above with foil. After 1-2 months it can be used.

Safety measures when working with the drug

When using the drug, you must observe safety measures. When making and using the working solution, it is worth using personal protective equipment - gloves, glasses, and a respirator.

Compatibility with other substances

The drug can be combined with other drugs. It is important to carry out a compatibility test. To do this, you need to mix a small amount of components. If a precipitate or flakes appear in the composition, it is better to refuse its use.

Storage terms and rules

The fertilizer should be stored in a dry and dark place. The shelf life of the drug is 2 years.

Fertilizer analogs

There are many cheap fertilizer analogues on sale. However, many of them are made in violation of technology. Therefore, you need to choose a substitute very carefully.

Shine is considered a very effective fertilizer that can significantly improve the growth and development of cultivated plants. For the drug to work, it is important to follow the instructions carefully.

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