Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Miracle of the earth, its yield and cultivation

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Miracle of the earth, its yield and cultivation

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Tomatoes are popular with most people. Today there are a huge number of different types of tomatoes, which have been delighting vegetable growers with stable high yields for a long time. One of these varieties is the Miracle of the Earth tomato. Quite often it is grown in countries such as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.


The characteristic and description of the variety will help novice growers get acquainted with its distinctive features.

This variety from sibsad refers to indeterminate plants that do not stop growing even during fruiting. Therefore, during its cultivation, it is necessary to take care of the garter of the bushes so that they do not break. The Miracle of the Earth tomato is an early variety that ripens three months after the first shoots appear.

The main advantage of these tomatoes is their large fruits. Sometimes their weight can reach 700-800 g. If you take proper care of the bushes, then fruits weighing about 1 kg appear on the lower branches. Tomatoes, like the moneymaker variety, have a heart-shaped and slightly elongated shape. They are covered with a thin skin of bright pink color.

The advantages of this tomato include its taste, thanks to which it is used not only to create fresh salads or tomato juice, but also for preservation.

Tomato has other positive qualities:

  • fruits do not crack over time;
  • perfectly tolerate sudden weather changes;
  • yield;
  • the possibility of long-term storage;
  • resistance to most diseases and parasites.

Planting seedlings

It is necessary to sow seeds for seedlings two months before planting in open ground. In the southern regions of the country, this should be done in late February or early March. In the central and northern regions - in late March or early April. Therefore, it is not recommended to plant seeds in a Siberian garden in winter.

Seed preparation

When using prepackaged seeds from popular manufacturers, pre-sowing treatment is not necessary. It should be dealt with only if the planting material was purchased by weight or collected independently. Such seeds can be infected with fungal, viral or bacterial diseases. To disinfect them, you need to use special solutions:

  • Fitosporin. When using this drug, the solution can be prepared as follows: 5 drops of Fitosporin are added to 500 ml of water, after which the mixture is thoroughly mixed. If a powder preparation is used, then half a teaspoon of the preparation is consumed per 100 ml of water.
  • Potassium permanganate. During processing, the seeds are wrapped in gauze and dipped into a container with a 1% solution. They need to be soaked for 20-30 minutes. It is not recommended to leave the seeds in potassium permanganate for several hours, as this will reduce their germination.

Soil preparation

The soil can also be contaminated, so before planting you need to deal with it. There are several of the most popular methods of soil disinfection:

  • Heating in the oven. The earth is warmed up for about 20 minutes in an oven preheated to 150 degrees.
  • Heat treatment with boiling water. The soil is placed in a container with drainage holes and filled with hot water several times.
  • Processing with potassium permanganate. The soil is watered with a strong solution of potassium permanganate.

The above methods of soil preparation can be used separately or combined with each other.

Sowing seeds

First you need to fill the pots with prepared, moist soil. After that, small grooves are made in the ground for the seeds. The distance between them should be about 3-5 cm. If you plant seeds less often, then the seedlings can be grown for longer in seedling containers.

Growing features

Containers with seeds should be covered with glass, which will provide a stable microclimate with an optimal level of humidity. Growing seedlings is carried out in a room with a temperature of at least 25 degrees. Therefore, seedling pots can be stored on a sunny windowsill or near a battery.

It is necessary to check the moisture content of the earth daily. If it is dry, then it must be watered or sprayed with a spray bottle. In high humidity, the glass can be removed to dry the soil.

Planting seedlings

Residents of the southern regions can plant the Miracle of the Ukrainian Land in open ground in mid-April. In the northern and central regions, this should be done at the end of May.

Site selection

Tomatoes are very fond of light and therefore should be planted in well-lit places, protected from strong winds. It is not recommended to grow tomatoes in low areas, as the plant does not like moist soil. The optimum soil moisture level is 6-6.7.

Site preparation

Before planting seedlings, the site must be dug up and treated with fertilizers. To do this, you can use a solution prepared from 5 liters of water, a tablespoon of copper and vitriol. No more than 2 liters of the mixture is consumed per square meter. If the soil contains too much clay, then mineral or organic fertilizers can be added to it.


It is better to plant seedlings on cloudy days or in the evening, since young seedlings do not immediately tolerate the sun's rays normally. It is necessary to plant the bushes in such a way that they do not interfere with each other's normal growth. On average, the distance between them should be 40-60 cm. The rows should also not be placed too close, so a small opening about 30 cm wide is made between them.

Having lowered the seedlings into the hole, cover its roots with earth, and sprinkle some manure or compost around the stem. After that, each bush should be watered.


The Ukrainian Miracle of the Earth, like other varieties of tomatoes, needs proper care.


Growing tomatoes should be accompanied by regular watering. You need to water the bushes several times a week. To make the liquid better absorbed into the soil, you can use the drip irrigation method. A liter of water is consumed for one young bush, and 2-3 liters for an adult.


Quite often, tomato bushes break due to strong winds. To prevent this from happening, they need to be tied up. To do this, a peg with a height of 60-70 cm is installed near each bush, to which the tomatoes will be tied.

Top dressing

You can feed a tomato a few weeks after planting seedlings. For this, mineral fertilizers are used: superphosphate, mullein, potassium salt, saltpeter.


Anyone who has not previously planted it can be engaged in the cultivation of the Wonder of the Earth tomato variety. To do this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for planting a tomato and the features of caring for it.

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