TOP 14 recipes for peach preparations for the winter at home

TOP 14 recipes for peach preparations for the winter at home

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Peach blanks for the winter are a treat for the whole family, unsurpassed in taste and aroma. Sterilized fruits retain a maximum of nutrients and vitamins, which will certainly help the immune system in the cold season. Among the huge list of possible preservation methods, each housewife will find one that will satisfy in all respects.

The subtleties of harvesting peaches for the winter

Before preparing the blanks, suitable fruits are selected and the container is prepared.

Selection and preparation of products

Peaches for harvesting are chosen ripe, but not too soft. Suitable yellow, collected in the garden. Using peaches not expressed in the region of residence can be dangerous. Purchased options can turn into porridge even with minimal heat treatment.

Before starting cooking, the fruit is carefully inspected. You can not take rotten and overripe. Choose fruits that are juicy, ripe, elastic. They are thoroughly washed and dried. Be sure to peel the skin, even if it is very soft and not felt.

Peach jam can get very sugar-coated. Therefore, during cooking, add a little citric acid or fresh lemon juice.

How to prepare the dishes correctly?

Peaches can be closed in any container. It all depends on what type of preparation is chosen. For example, if the hostess makes compote, then three-liter cans will do. For jam or jam, a liter container will be optimal.

In any case, the jars must be thoroughly sterilized. They are washed with baking soda and detergent in hot water. After that, they are sterilized in any convenient way: on a kettle, in a microwave oven or in an oven.

There are some recipes without sterilizing containers, but in this case, you should carefully monitor the purity of the products and do not store the jam for a long time.

What can be prepared from peaches at home?

They use proven recipes.

Canned peaches in their own juice without sugar

To close the peaches in their own juice, you only need two kilograms of peaches for a three-liter jar. The fruits are thoroughly washed, pits and tails are removed. Peaches are laid out in layers in jars.

After that, it is completely poured with boiling water, sterilization is carried out for 10 minutes. After that, remove the cans and cover with a blanket. Roll up in an already cooled state.

Whole compote with seeds

To cover whole peaches, you must:

  • 1 kilogram of fruit;
  • 800 grams of sugar;
  • favorite spices, such as vanillin, cinnamon.

Whole fruits are washed out, pierced with a toothpick in several places. Canned food is made quite simply: the fruits are stacked to the bottom. Syrup is brewed from a liter of water and sugar. Peaches are poured with this syrup, the jars are sterilized for half an hour. Preservation in jars is cooled, rolled up in a chilled state.

Jam with wedges

To close the jam in halves, you must:

  • 1.3 kilograms of sugar;
  • 1 kilogram of the main ingredient;
  • 1 glass of water;
  • juice of one lemon.

Scald with boiling water in a colander. This will remove the skin more easily. Divide into halves, remove seeds. At this time, water is put on the fire, after boiling, granulated sugar is added. After five minutes of cooking, the slices are immersed in the syrup, mixed, brought to a boil, lemon juice is added. It is removed from the stove and left for 6 hours. During this time, the peaches will absorb the aromatic syrup and become soft.

Peach puree

Close peach puree will not be a problem if the hostess has a powerful blender. You will need:

  • 1.7 kilos of an ingredient;
  • 1.2 kg of sugar;
  • water.

The fruits are cut into pieces, after having peeled off the skin, removing the tails and bones. They begin to cook the syrup, as soon as it boils, they throw fruit there. Boil for 5 minutes, remove from the stove, cool down. Peaches are ground through a sieve, but it is much more convenient to use a blender. After that, the mass is again put on fire, boiled for up to 3 minutes. The mashed potatoes are rolled in hot jars.

Peach juice

To spin delicious peach juice, you will need:

  • 8 kg of fruits;
  • 0.5 kg of sugar.

The fruits are peeled, passed through a juicer. Put the juice in a large saucepan on the stove and cook over medium heat. The foam must be removed, otherwise the juice will turn out cloudy. Sugar is added after 15 minutes of cooking, after which it is boiled for 10 minutes, but already under a closed lid.

Jam recipe

Even a novice housewife can perform a recipe without sterilization. You will need:

  • tasty and sweet foods - 2 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 800 g;
  • lemons - 2 pieces.

Processing is minimal: the fruits are washed, small cuts are made. Immerse in boiling water for 30 seconds, remove, gently peel the skin. The fruit is cut and placed in a blender. The juice of two lemons is also added there.

Next, the composition is cooked over low heat in an enamel bowl for at least half an hour. The foam is removed, otherwise the color will be opaque. The twist is done hot.

Peach syrup

It is necessary:

  • 1 kg of peaches;
  • 500 ml of water;
  • 300 grams of sugar.

The fruits are mashed using a sieve or blender. The mass is covered with sugar, it is infused for an hour before the juice is let out. After that, pour the fruit puree into the water, leave for two hours. The juice is poured into the pre-prepared syrup, boil for 15 minutes. Roll up hot.

Candied peaches

Need to:

  • 2 kg of fruit;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar;
  • powdered sugar;
  • 750 ml of water.

Peaches are cut into slices. The syrup is brewed according to the standard recipe. Pour pieces of peaches into the boiling mass, immediately reduce the heat and boil for no more than a minute. Leave for a day.

After 24 hours, when the syrup is already sugared, bring to a boil again, cook for 1 minute. The procedure is repeated the next day. After that, the slices are rolled in granulated sugar and stored in a dark and dry room.

Dried peaches

No roll is required to prepare dried fragrant wedges. The fruits are divided into four parts. Placed in a saucepan, completely covered with sugar. Leave for 24 hours until maximum juice appears.

After the juice is removed from the fruit. The syrup is prepared according to the standard recipe. Fruits are placed in it, kept for 6 hours. During this time, the pieces of fruit begin to show through. At this stage, the peaches are transferred to a drying baking sheet. Usually 30 minutes in the oven at 80 degrees are enough for this.

How to freeze?

Making frozen peaches is a piece of cake. The fruits are cleaned by placing them in boiling water. The bones are removed. The main thing is to attach tightly to each other so that excess moisture does not get in. Store in an airtight container.

Peach jam

To roll up the jam, you need:

  • 1.8 kg of peaches;
  • 1.3 kg of sugar.

Fruit is peeled and covered with sugar. The exposure time is 6 hours. After that, everything is thoroughly ground in a blender or started up through a juicer. The composition is placed on the stove and boiled until thick. This usually takes more than 2 hours.


Aromatic marmalade will help to preserve all the properties of the fruit. Need to:

  • 1 kg of peaches;
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • 5 grams of citric acid.

The fruits are boiled until boiled, crushed, citric acid and sugar are added. Cook over low heat under the lid until boiled down to two-thirds of the original volume. Then it is poured into molds, left to dry for 10 days.

Peaches in syrup

To preserve, you need:

  • beautiful small fruits;
  • 500 grams of sugar;
  • water.

Sugar syrup is prepared 15 minutes before sugar dissolves and acquires a viscous consistency. The fruits are placed on the bottom of the jar. Pour in syrup, leave for 5 hours. The syrup is drained, boiled again and again poured into containers.

Sterilization for 30 minutes is required.

Peach juice

You can prepare from the following ingredients:

  • 1.5 kg of fruit;
  • 250 grams of sugar;
  • 1 teaspoon of citric acid.

The fruits are peeled, crushed, citric acid is added. Pour cold water (2 liters), boil for 30 minutes. After cooling, repeat 2 times. The settled parts are not rolled up.

The workpieces are stored in a dark and dry place. Shelf life - up to 1 year.

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