Top 3 breeds of the largest rams in the world and how much their representatives weigh

Top 3 breeds of the largest rams in the world and how much their representatives weigh

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Statistics have about 800 varieties of sheep. They differ from each other in appearance, size and shape of the horns. Consider what is the largest ram in size, because this plays a key role for the breeder. Large varieties are distinguished by an impressive fat tail - a bag of fat that accumulates in the back. Animals can gain weight rapidly, regardless of the type of feeding.

Features of the

The main characteristic of large sheep breeds is that they increase in weight, although they have a poor, monotonous diet. Features of large rams:

  • the weight of males - up to 140 kg, females - up to 100 kg;
  • endurance - go without food for up to 7 days;
  • live mainly in Asian countries;
  • unpretentiousness to the conditions of existence.

Large sheep are divided according to the principle of obtaining the main product into the following categories:

  1. Meat. Animals gain weight quickly. As a result, farmers have a high level of meat and lard.
  2. Dairy. After feeding the offspring, lactation in females continues. Pure milk is inferior in quality to cow milk, the products are used to make cheese.
  3. Woolen. Such animals are raised for both wool and meat.

With targeted feeding, the fat tail of sheep reaches an impressive size - up to 30 kg in weight.

The largest sheep breeds

The largest ram in the world, recorded in the US state of Oregon, is on a farm.

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The animal is about 3-4 years old, its weight reaches almost 250 kg, its size is 110 cm. Consider the main sheep breeds, which are distinguished by their large weight.


Hissar sheep are one of the largest breeds in the world. A young lamb gains 0.5 kg of weight per day. The rapid increase in weight is due to the milk production of sheep. The breed is characterized by endurance. The Hissar sheep travels a distance of up to 500 km, eating only plant food. The only drawback of this type of ram is the poor quality wool. The minus is offset by a large volume of meat and dairy products.

Description and characteristics:

  • the growth of a ram is 85 cm, a sheep is 80 cm;
  • male weight - up to 170 kg, female - up to 120 kg;
  • strong skeleton;
  • large head;
  • dense short neck;
  • prefer to eat plants, grass, drink a lot of water in the warm season, in winter they eat cereals, vegetables;
  • humped profile.

Hissar rams were bred in Azerbaijan by the selection method.


early maturity;

strong immune system;

favorable conditions of detention.

poor quality wool;

poor fertility;

the breed is hard to buy in Russia.


The Kalmyk breed of sheep is inferior to the Gissar rams in size. Distinctive features of this species are a large head, lowered ears, a huge fat tail. Description of Kalmyk sheep:

  • ram growth - up to 80 cm, sheep - up to 70 cm;
  • ram weight - up to 150 kg, sheep - up to 90 kg;
  • long limbs;
  • endurance;
  • meat and lard contain many nutrients, the products are tasty, popular among buyers;
  • feed only on the upper parts of the plants.

An interesting feature of Kalmyk sheep is that during grazing, individuals do not gather in a herd, but are dispersed throughout the territory. This allows you to maintain the integrity of the pasture, facilitates the observation of animals.



rapid weight gain.

poor quality wool;

meat of adult animals is not as tasty as young animals;

weak orientation in space.


This breed comes from Kazakhstan, belongs to the most ancient - about 200 years old. The ancestor is a fat-tailed ram, heavy in weight, brought from Astrakhan. Features of Edilbaevsky sheep:

  • male growth - up to 85 m, female - up to 75 cm;
  • male weight - up to 120 kg, female - up to 70 kg;
  • females give birth to offspring 3 times in 1.5-2 years;
  • ribs are not palpable;
  • high milk yield - during lactation, sheep give up to 180 liters of milk.

The Edilbaevskaya sheep provides not only high quality meat and lard, but also dense wool, which is usually used for the production of carpets.

Lambs are characterized by rapid growth, but subject to breastfeeding. Already at the age of 5-6 months they are ready for slaughter.

adaptation to any weather conditions;

the ability to travel long distances;

rapid growth of wool.

require a lot of space;

poor fertility;

rough fleece.

The largest rams in the wild

In the wild, there are huge breeds of sheep, reaching 200 kg in weight. The largest representatives are argali (argali) and maned ram. The Arkhara breed is characterized by the following features:

  • powerful but slender physique, strength;
  • long, powerful limbs that allow climbing steep slopes;
  • thick and warm fleece;
  • the color of the coat on the back is darker;
  • good health in any weather, conditions of detention;
  • endurance;
  • the shade of the coat brightens in the cold period, in the summer it becomes darker;
  • argali - owners of heavy horns in the form of an arc, their weight reaches 35 kg.

Females become sexually mature at 2 years of age, males at 4-5 years of age. Argals are highly fertile, often twins. For the attention and favor of female rams, they fight with each other using their powerful horns.

Argali horns are often used as a souvenir trophy and are very expensive on the black market. Animals are listed in the Red Book, so hunting for them is prohibited. The maned ram is slightly inferior in size to argali, but it is considered a rather large species in the wild. Animals are found only in North Africa. Description of the breed:

  • average height - up to 120 cm;
  • weight - up to 140 kg;
  • the color of the coat is beige-brown or brownish, on the limbs and abdomen is much lighter than in other areas;
  • the length of the horns is up to 80 cm;
  • females are significantly inferior in size to males.

An interesting feature of maned rams is that animals can be motionless for a long time (about 3-4 hours) if they feel danger towards themselves.

The largest breeds of domesticated sheep are Gissar, Kalmyk and Edilbaev. They belong to meat varieties according to the type of obtaining the main product, they have a significant fat tail. Its fat is used in food preparation and also as a preservative.

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