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Clay earth, and also contains salt

Clay earth, and also contains salt

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The earth contains salt and high clay content. Trees grow normally, but vegetables do not want to grow. Burning in the vine.


If the trees grow normally, then your land is still rich in useful trace elements. To improve clay soil, sanding will be required, preferably in the fall. Pipette 10-20cm of sand, plowing it into the upper layers of the soil. This improves the air and water regime of the earth, increases the degree of warming up of the soil, eliminates the formation of crusts in the dry season. You can also add chopped tree bark. It is well suited for clay soils, improving their water permeability and making them more structural, easier. To reduce salt, use raw gypsum, which is scattered on the surface of the soil after digging and lightly rake in the ground. Clinogypsum, a weak solution of sulfuric acid, and calcium chloride are also used to improve the acid composition of the soil.


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