Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Polbig, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Polbig, its yield

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With the onset of spring, summer residents begin a "hot" season, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the start of agricultural work. Tomato Polbig is suitable for those gardeners who want to get early tomatoes from their summer cottage.

Description of the tomato variety "Polbig"

Polbig is a hybrid variety that was bred by Dutch breeders. Refers to early maturing nightshade crops. From the appearance of the first shoots to the ripening of the crop, it takes about 95-115 days. Perfect for both outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. The bushes can reach a height of 65 -85 cm. It tolerates cold weather well.

Tomatoes Polbig F1 are determinants (undersized varieties). It is characterized by high resistance to various diseases, especially Fusarium, Alternaria, and Verticillium. Due to the fact that the hybrid is early maturing, it is not affected by late blight.

Another important characteristic of a hybrid is its good preservation during long-term transportation. The skin is quite dense, does not crack. If a gardener is selling his vegetables, then it is best to give preference to the Polbig hybrid.

Subject to all the rules of agricultural technology, the yield of this variety will be quite high. The main advantage of the hybrid is that, even at low temperatures, it is capable of producing a large number of ovaries. This quality makes the hybrid one of the most attractive for growing in the northern regions.

Characteristics of the tomato "Polbig"

Reviews on various thematic forums for this variety dedicated to gardening are mostly positive. Many gardeners in this hybrid like the fact that reddening tomatoes can be found on the bushes already in mid-July.

Description of the variety:

  • High productivity;
  • The bushes are rather compact, not branched;
  • From one bush, you can collect from 3.5 to 4.5 kg of ripe fruits;
  • The leaves are rather large, dark green in color;
  • As the bushes grow, it is necessary to tie up;
  • Pinning is required;
  • Tomato inflorescence "Polbig" refers to simple;
  • Unripe fruits are light green in color;
  • As tomatoes ripen, they acquire a rich red color, without green spots;
  • The surface of the skin is smooth, slightly ribbed;
  • The shape of the fruit is round;
  • The weight of ripe tomatoes can reach up to 210 grams (in greenhouse conditions - 110 grams);
  • The pulp is dense, aromatic, rather dense;
  • Perfect for making sauces, lecho and various salads;
  • It is characterized by high resistance to the development of common diseases;
  • Due to its early maturity, the variety is one of the first to appear on the shelves and on the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Polbig hybrid

Before buying vegetable seeds, you need to study all the advantages and disadvantages of varieties.


  • Early maturity;
  • Ovaries can form even at low temperatures outside;
  • Refers to highly resistant varieties, especially Fusarium, Alternaria, and Verticillium;
  • Due to the dense skin, ripe tomatoes do not crack;
  • Seedlings can be planted even in the northern regions;
  • They are well preserved during transportation.


  • Due to the fact that the hybrid belongs to early ripening, tomato has mediocre taste;
  • Bushes need to be tied up so that the stems do not break under the weight of the tomatoes;
  • Pinching required.

Despite the fact that this variety of nightshade crop has many advantages, ripe tomatoes are not very pleasant to the taste. They are not suitable for fresh consumption; it is better to use them for making tomato juices or preserving.

Features of growing in the open field

Cultivation of the Polbig hybrid is not particularly difficult.

Recommendations for growing seedlings:

  • Planting material must be grown in small containers, previously filled with a mixture of peat and soil;
  • After several leaves have appeared on the bushes, they must be dived;
  • Before planting seedlings in open ground, it is recommended to harden it;
  • For planting seedlings, it is advisable to choose areas where zucchini, cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots or dill used to grow.

You need to plant seeds in late March - early April. After two months, the seedlings can be planted in open ground. The distance between the bushes should be about 35-50 cm. At first, the bushes will be very weak, to accelerate their growth they need to be watered with Kemira or Solution.

Also, in order for the seedlings to grow faster, superphosphate must be added to the soil before planting seedlings. Plant the bushes in the soil and water them abundantly with warm water. It is advisable to cover the seedlings at night until the temperature is above zero.

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