The best recipes for pickled cucumbers with garlic for the winter and their storage

The best recipes for pickled cucumbers with garlic for the winter and their storage

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Cooking cucumbers with aromatic garlic for the winter is a worthy use of your own culinary skills. Pickles, preservation go well in the cold season, when the body lacks vitamins. There are many options for creating "masterpieces in a jar" from a cucumber. Interesting? Then we begin to study the intricacies of homework.

Cooking features

There are plenty of options for preserving cucumbers. First of all, you need the vegetables themselves, this should not be forgotten. Moreover, in the amount regulated by the recipe. In addition, preservation jars will be needed. Their capacity is determined by the needs of the supplier. Typically, a container with a capacity of 0.5-1 liter is chosen.

Large jars are not recommended as they are difficult to store after opening. Vegetables, as well as all components, must be whole, clean, washed in running water. The use of cucumbers with signs of damage, spoilage is not allowed. The quality of the final product directly depends on the preparation of the ingredients.

Ingredient List

In addition to the cucumbers themselves, additional components will be needed. Traditionally, it is customary to season vegetables with spices. For example, dill. In addition, any recipe is supplied with specific ingredients in specific quantities. If you prepare a currant leaf, garlic, peppercorns, cloves in advance, there will be no problems with the preparation. In our case, we will need:

  • fresh cucumbers;
  • greens (prescription);
  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • garlic;
  • lean oil.

These are the main components. Others are added separately.

Preparation of food

First, the cucumbers, regardless of whether they are bought in a store, on the market or grown on their own personal plot, must be collected, sorted, washed, cut on both sides. Do the same with other components. Be sure to follow the recommendations specified in the recipe. The final result depends on this.

Of course, sterilization will help to cope with some of the mistakes of novice housewives. But not with everyone. If you ignore the main rule - harvesting fresh, healthy vegetables, free from defects - then in the future this will inevitably affect the canned product.

How to preserve cucumbers with garlic for the winter

To make a truly original preparation with herbs, useful preservation, you must observe the proportions indicated in the recipe. In general, it looks like this:

  • fresh cucumbers - 1 kilogram;
  • greens (dill) - 50 grams;
  • fresh garlic - up to 6 cloves;
  • granulated sugar - 1 tablespoon;
  • table salt - half a tablespoon;
  • sunflower oil - 4 tablespoons.

Harvesting begins, as always, with washing vegetables. Of course, you can cook cucumbers your way, but this does not guarantee the success of the operation. Regardless of how you plan to preserve vegetables, evenly cut into the same pieces, the preservation conditions remain unchanged.

In parallel with the processing of cucumbers, we prepare cans: wash with soda, select lids. It is undesirable to use synthetic products, their traces can get into the final product. Clean vegetables are cut into 2 halves, then each of them is cut into 4 more slices.

Finely chop the dill, squeeze the garlic in a crusher, grate (any option is suitable). Cucumbers in a saucepan are mixed with herbs, spices, sugar, salt, oil are added to them. The product is almost ready. It remains to mix everything, put in a cool place. After 15 minutes, lightly salted cucumbers, without sterilization, can be served. Or put in containers, close for the winter. According to a different recipe, the appetizer is prepared a little differently. For him you will need:

  1. Fresh cucumbers - 3 kilograms.
  2. Onions - 0.5 kilograms.
  3. Garlic - 2-3 heads.
  4. Granulated sugar - 180 grams.
  5. Table salt - 100 grams.
  6. Vegetable oil - 200 grams.
  7. Acetic essence (9%) - 100 milliliters.

First, wash, cut the cucumbers into slices. The onion is cut into rings, then into 4 more pieces. Peeled garlic should be chopped (finely chopped or squeezed with a crush). We put the semi-finished products in a container of a convenient size, add salt with sugar, oil, vinegar there. Mix well.

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In this state, cucumbers remain overnight. It turns out just like pickled. It remains to arrange the vegetables in jars, roll up the lids.

Finally, another original recipe for cucumbers in the snow. For him you will need:

  • cucumbers (how many will fit in a 3-liter jar);
  • garlic (2 tablespoons chopped for that amount of vegetables);
  • salt (up to 2 tablespoons);
  • sugar (half a tablespoon);
  • vinegar (1 teaspoon);
  • and water (1.5 liters) for the marinade.

Wash cucumbers, put them upright in a clean, sterilized container. Then vegetables are poured with boiled (but slightly cooled) water, steamed for about 10 minutes. While the cucumbers are standing, prepare the marinade. The whole recipe is based on 3 liters of preservation. Vinegar is added at the very end, when sugar and salt have already entered the boiling water.

Snow is made from garlic, covered with cucumbers. It remains to fill the filled contents of the jar with marinade and roll up. The cucumbers are ready.

Shelf life

The finished product can be stored in a cool place for up to a year. Do not forget that cucumbers do not boil, therefore it is undesirable to keep them open for too long, outside the refrigerator.

Storage rules

Preservation is usually stored in a pantry, refrigerator, cellar, any place protected from direct sunlight. If the cans are swollen, their contents become cloudy, the product is unusable for further use.

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