Description of the Bidrett f1 cucumber variety, features of cultivation and care

Description of the Bidrett f1 cucumber variety, features of cultivation and care

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Cucumbers annually take pride of place in the gardeners' beds. According to statistics, the plant ranks first in terms of planting area in the summer cottages of Russian gardeners. Breeders regularly replenish cucumber seed material, creating resistant and productive varieties for a wide variety of climates. Cucumber Bidrett f1 was the fruit of the work of the Moscow agro-firm "Aelita-agro". The positive qualities of the hybrid made it in demand outside of its native land.

General information about the plant

The plant is intended for outdoor cultivation. Meet him in different regions of Russia. Positive reviews about Bidrett f1 cucumbers are also found among Moldovan and Ukrainian vegetable growers. Characteristics and description of the external features of the plant:

  • Hybrid.
  • Ultra-early ripening, fruits are harvested in 25-30 days.
  • High yield rate, up to 4.5 kilograms per square meter of planting.
  • Medium-weighting.
  • Medium height.
  • Unpretentious.
  • Bundle ovary.
  • Feminine type of flowering.
  • Bee-pollinated.
  • Disease resistant.
  • Strong immunity to powdery mildew and olive spot.
  • A high percentage of commercial quality cucumbers.
  • Good preservation and transportability.

ATTENTION! Shows the best yield when cultivated in medium carbonaceous, breathable soils.

With the threat of night frosts, it is recommended to cover the seedlings with foil. External distinctive features and technical data of the fruit:

  • Length 14-18 centimeters.
  • Green color.
  • Lumpy surface.
  • Correct, cylindrical shape.
  • Weight does not exceed 120 grams.
  • Crispy flesh without bitterness.
  • Persistent cucumber smell.
  • Pubescence is absent.

In a mature state, the fruits have a universal purpose. They are used for salting, pickling, fresh self-consumption.

Cucumber cultivation tips

For cucumbers, two planting methods are permissible - seedling and non-seedling. The first option is considered preferable and recommended by the originator. To obtain healthy seedlings, you must:

  1. The choice of capacity. For each bush, you should pick up a separate peat-melting pot or an ordinary glass of fermented milk products.
  2. Fill containers with light soil. The land can be purchased at the store or prepared by yourself. With self-preparation of the land, it is necessary to carry out disinfection.
  3. Place seed, 2-3 seeds, 1-1.5 centimeters deep.
  4. Moisten the soil before sowing.
  5. Maintaining the temperature regime from 21 degrees.
  6. If necessary, the organization of an additional light source.
  7. Hardening 10 days before planting in open ground.
  8. Watering 5 days after germination.

When planting seedlings in the ground, no more than three shoots should be placed per square meter of land. Subsequent plant care consists of watering, feeding, removing weeds. It must be carried out every 2-3 days.

Gardeners' opinion

Good day! For several years now I have been successfully cultivating Bidrett's cucumbers on my site. The plant is unpretentious, there were no difficulties. A novice gardener will cope with the cultivation of a cucumber. The cucumber likes abundant watering, reacts well to feeding. The plant is hardy, tolerates bad weather conditions. The fruits are crispy, the pulp is delicious. I recommend!

Marianna Petrunina, 45 years old

Good afternoon! I have been cultivating Bidrett's cucumbers for five seasons. The variety is suitable for outdoor cultivation, stress-resistant. The crop can be harvested within 40-50 days from the moment of planting. Fruits appear earlier if you use the seedling planting method. The plant is not capricious in cultivation. Requires compliance with simple rules of agricultural technology. It is important to harvest on time, otherwise the cucumbers will outgrow. Ripe fruits have a good taste, crunchy, no bitterness. Suitable for preparing blanks for the winter. Fresh is a good ingredient for salad. I did not find any minuses for myself. I advise everyone!

Anastasia Merinova, 63 years old

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