Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Leopold

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Leopold

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Early ripening varieties of tomatoes are always appreciated by vegetable growers. If you really want to enjoy delicious juicy fruits at the beginning of summer, you should pay attention to the Leopold F1 tomato. A feature of the choice of a hybrid is its undemandingness to growing conditions. For those new to tomato cultivation, this hybrid will yield a large tomato crop with minimal maintenance, 85 days after the first germination.

Plant characteristics

The tomato hybrid Leopold belongs to the determinant types of vegetables. The stem of the plant reaches a height of up to ninety centimeters. Therefore, there is no need to pinch the bushes. The tomato crop is recommended for open field cultivation, although it is suitable in regions with short and cold summers for growing under film shelters.

Vigorous bushes of the variety are well-leafed with dark green leaves. The first flower clusters on the plant appear after the sixth to seventh leaves. And the next ones - in two or three.

The fruits of Leopold tomatoes are tied successfully even under adverse conditions: sudden temperature changes, drought, and wet weather. A hybrid of a vegetable, shows excellent resistance to the development of diseases of the garden culture - late blight, mosaic, cladosporium. Tomatoes take root well after planting in open ground, they are distinguished by friendly fruiting.

Features of the fruits of the variety

The characteristic and description of Leopold tomatoes consists of such qualities as:

  • roundness of shape;
  • dull red color of the fruit with a green spot near the stalk;
  • weight 85-100 grams;
  • excellent presentation;
  • excellent keeping quality of the crop;
  • ripening amicability;
  • good transportability.

In tomatoes, they appreciate the same size of fruits, fleshiness, juiciness of the pulp, the density of the skin, which does not crack.

The yield of tomatoes is high and, with proper cultivation, is three to four kilograms from one bush.

Growing requirements

The seedling method is the most reliable in growing tomatoes. It is necessary to plant the seeds of the hybrid in a nutritious soil in mid to late March. The material for planting must undergo a disinfection procedure. A 1% solution of potassium permanganate and baking soda are suitable for this. The growth stimulator Epin, in which the seeds are soaked for two hours, will accelerate the emergence of seedlings.

Seeds planted in containers with soil require enough light, an air temperature of 25 degrees. Leopold tomato seedlings are watered sparingly. The seedlings are fed as needed by introducing a mullein solution prepared in a 1: 5 ratio.

After two real leaves appear on the stems of the tomatoes, the seedlings dive, transplanting them into individual pots.

As soon as the seedlings are 60-65 days old, they are prepared for planting in open ground from mid-May, the greenhouse - at the beginning of the month.

If tomatoes are grown in accordance with the rules of agricultural technology, then in a permanent place they will actively develop and bear fruit. The description of caring for tomatoes includes such procedures that are important for a vegetable:

  1. Water the bushes sparingly, not allowing the topsoil to dry out. Before flowering, the amount of watering is slightly reduced to slow down the vegetative growth of tomatoes.
  2. Top dressing begins with a mullein diluted in water - a ratio of 1: 5, or bird droppings - 1:15. The fertilizer rate for one tomato bush is a liter of solution.
  3. From mineral fertilizers, it is possible to increase the yield of a vegetable plant with superphosphate, potassium salt, ammonium nitrate. The optimal dose of nutrients per ten liters of water is from fifteen to forty grams. It is useful to add one gram of boric acid to a bucket of solution. Feeding should be done at intervals of two to three weeks.
  4. In order for the fruits to fill up with ripeness faster, it is necessary to remove the leaves that shade them or take them to the side.
  5. It is advisable to organize a garter for Leopold tomatoes, since under the weight of a large number of fruits, the stems may break.
  6. It is better to form a determinant bush in two or three stems.

For those who planted the F1 hybrid vegetable, Leopold is the best crop. And tomatoes are suitable for pickles in general, and for summer salads, slicing. They are used to produce sauces, tomato paste, juice. For the winter, you can cook dried tomatoes. This method of harvesting is most suitable for small fruits. And the weather during their ripening is suitable for drying: in the middle of summer it is most often hot, it rarely rains. Perfect for those who grow vegetables for sale.

The opinion of vegetable growers about the hybrid

Many people start purchasing Leopold tomato seeds when they read the description of the variety. It attracts the fast ripening of tomatoes, amicable fruiting, versatility of use. Reviews of hybrid tomatoes are only positive. The plant does not lend itself to many diseases of tomatoes, of which the greatest danger to the vegetable harvest is represented by fungal and viral infections: late blight, fusarium, anthracnose.

Tomatoes are undemanding to growing conditions. They tolerate drought well. They are especially preferred by farmers, sowing large areas with tomato. Due to the medium height of the stem, tomato plantings are easy to care for, they can be harvested using special equipment.

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