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How to Grow Bonsai from Seeds

How to Grow Bonsai from Seeds

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Hi, I bought the seeds of a Bonsai tree, now I want to sprout and plant them, tell me, please, how to do it!


Before growing a bonsai, determine what climatic conditions you have at home! Since one tree loves warmth, the other just needs coolness. In addition, most trees in our cold climate need a wintering period. That is, for a certain time they need to be rearranged in a fairly cold place. Before planting, the seeds of some leafy trees need to be kept in a sand pot for one to three months, while the pot needs to be wrapped with cellophane. And before planting the seeds must undergo fungicide treatment. To plant a bonsai, you need to choose small pots and give preference to soil made of sand and humus, which must also be treated with fungicide before use. A mixture of sand and humus should not reach the edges of the pot by about three centimeters. And on top you need to place a layer of natural soil about one centimeter thick. You need to put stones on top to slightly press down the soil. Well, after that you can spread the seeds and sprinkle them with sand. The pot needs to create the conditions of the greenhouse, for example, cover it with polyethylene. Until then, until a sprout appears to keep the soil moist. With the advent of the sprout, you need to make holes in the polyethylene that covered our pot. So we will ensure the flow of air. As soon as you see the appearance of the first leaves, you can safely remove the polyethylene. And when the bonsai appears three to four leaves, it must be transplanted into a pot for indoor plants, but before that cut off two-thirds of the roots. After a month and a half, it is advisable to start fertilizing the tree. And by the end of summer, create cooler conditions for the plant and cancel fertilizers!