Characteristics and description of the Debut tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Debut tomato variety, its yield

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Many vegetable lovers are involved in growing tomatoes. At the same time, tomatoes Debut f1 are especially popular. This variety was bred by Dutch breeders relatively recently. The main distinguishing features of the Debut are its good yield and early ripening of fruits.

Short description

Before you start growing this tomato, you need to familiarize yourself in more detail with its features. The characteristics and description of the tomato variety Debut f1 will help to find out detailed information.

The Debut tomato has determinate bushes that completely stop growing after the formation of its first flower. Most of the bushes grow up to 50-80 cm, after which their growth stops. Despite its low height, tomato bushes Debutante f1 still need a garter. It is also recommended to carry out pinching to remove unnecessary stepsons. Experienced gardeners say that it is best to form this variety into two stems, as this will have a positive effect on yield.

The main feature of Debut tomato is its ripening speed. You can enjoy the first fruits two and a half months after planting seedlings in the ground. The fruit is distinguished by a completely smooth surface and a rounded shape. Unripe tomatoes are light green, but after ripening, the skin becomes bright red. The average weight of each tomato is 200 grams. If you are engaged in growing tomatoes Debut f1 in greenhouses, then the weight of the fruit can be 300 grams.

The variety is very often used in cooking. Excellent tomato pastes and ketchup are made from it. Also, the debut is suitable for creating fresh vegetable salads.

Growing seedlings

Before planting seedlings in the garden, you should start planting seeds for growing seedlings. It is recommended to do this in the first weeks of March.

Seed preparation

The preparation of the planting material is carried out to disinfect the seeds. A weak manganese solution is used to disinfect tomatoes. All seeds must be placed in a small gauze bag and immersed in liquid for 20 minutes. Then they are removed from the bag and rinsed with water.

Nutrient treatment is also recommended. This procedure will speed up the seedling germination process. To do this, you can use solutions such as Vitran-Micro or Immunocytophyte. To obtain a good result, all seeds should be soaked in liquid for at least a day.


Tomatoes can be planted in one box or use several small containers for this. The second option is simpler, since you do not have to deal with picking seedlings.

Before planting, soil is added to the planting fluid. It is recommended to use a purchased soil mixture, which contains the optimal amount of nutrients. When all the containers are full, you can start planting. In each pot, a small hole is made into which seeds need to be planted. One seed is placed in each hole.

After planting, the planted tomatoes are covered with foil and transferred to rooms with a temperature of at least 25 degrees.

In rooms with lower temperatures, the bushes will grow much worse.

Landing in the ground

It is necessary to plant tomatoes in the garden in the last days of May, when there will be a stable above-zero temperature outside. When grown in greenhouses, tomatoes can be planted several weeks earlier.

Site selection

It is no secret that tomatoes need constant lighting and therefore the area for growing them must be well lit by the sun. It should also have protection from the wind, as strong wind gusts can break the plants and eventually dry out.

In addition, you should pay attention to the soil. It should not be too dense, since moisture will not enter well into such soil. Tomatoes should not be planted in acidic soils.


Having chosen the most suitable site for tomatoes, you should start planting. To begin with, all seedlings are carefully removed from their pots. Then the rows are marked out, and holes are made. The distance between each hole should be about 60-70 cm. This will be enough so that the shrubs do not shade each other. In each you need to place one seedling in an upright position. After that, they are covered with soil and watered with warm water.


Growing Tomato Debut is not an easy job to prepare for. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the planting recommendations in advance and read the reviews with a photo of tomato bushes Debut f1.

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