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How to grow ginger

How to grow ginger

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Have you tried to grow ginger in the open ground and at home? I heard that ginger can be grown in a pot and even in the summer in open ground. What conditions does he need?


To grow ginger at home, you must first select the date when you need to grow it. The most optimal, in my opinion, is the winter months! Next, you need to buy a root with smooth skin in any vegetable department of your city, but carefully, when choosing a root, look at the root itself - the kidney should be visible on the root! After it is necessary to place the root in warm water for 2-4 hours. After this procedure, select the pot (it is important that it has a wide bottom). Mix sand, earth and leaf humus in a pot, and then dig a spine into the ground and pour plenty of water! I think this will help you!


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