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Technology for planting potatoes under a tractor

Technology for planting potatoes under a tractor

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How to plant potatoes under a tractor? Previously, they always planted by hand, now we have been given another garden, we want maximum productivity. What nuances need to be taken into account and are there any tricks? Grade Slav.


Rows are arranged from south to north so that all plants receive the same sunlight. The recommended row spacing width is 60 cm (early grade) -70 cm (late grade), but when planting with a tractor this width varies from 55 cm to 100 cm, which depends on the brand of the tractor. Fertilize during potato planting. If you have the opportunity to choose a cultivator, then you should pay attention that the vertically milling cultivator does not mix soil layers when processing, which allows you to save moisture. A cultivator with a horizontal axis of rotation, on the contrary, is good to use in waterlogged soils, moving the soil it reduces moisture.


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