What to do at home if a duck has a sprained or broken leg and symptoms

What to do at home if a duck has a sprained or broken leg and symptoms

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Farmers often experience damage to their wings or legs when breeding poultry. In this case, bruises, dislocations or fractures are often observed. Even in the absence of obvious symptoms of pathology, it is important to closely monitor the condition of the bird for several days. This will help avoid negative consequences. If a duckling broke his leg, what is the best way to do it at home? In this case, it is recommended to take adequate measures in a timely manner.

Causes of injury

The main factor that provokes the appearance of damage in poultry is considered to be carelessness of the farmer. Many people allow birds to walk literally everywhere. If this happens, the duckling may be hurt by pieces of glass, wire, or other sharp objects. Also, the cause of fractures can be a pinched limb or meeting with predatory animals.

To avoid injury by poultry, it is best to secure them from walking on the lawn or by the river with a gate.


In most cases, birds are faced with wing fractures. However, sometimes a duckling's leg can be broken. It is not difficult to identify an open fracture. It will be noticeable even to an inexperienced farmer. Finding a closed fracture can be more difficult. It is often confused with sprains or joint dislocations. If the duckling drags its paw, it is recommended to immediately show it to the veterinarian. It is also permissible to take an X-ray.

Lame duck treatment

If a duckling breaks or dislocates a paw, it is important to immediately help him. Birds have fast metabolic processes. Therefore, the healing of damaged areas in them occurs much faster.

If you start treatment in the first 2 days after the injury, you will be able to recover quickly enough. When receiving a fracture or dislocation, it is important to fix the injured limb in its natural position.

In this case, you need to ensure that it is not squeezed by the bandage. It is also important to place the foot so that the damaged body fragment does not swell.

If the sole or toe of a small bird is broken, it is permissible to fix it with an adhesive plaster. In case of a fracture of the lower leg from above or below, the duck is given anesthesia and an operation is performed. Its essence lies in the introduction of the pin into the inner canal of the bone. For small birds, thin needles are used. From above, you need to fix the structure with an adhesive plaster.

After carrying out this procedure, it is permissible to immediately contact the veterinarian. The specialist will prescribe drug therapy for the duckling. Usually, in simple situations, antibacterial ointments are used. In difficult cases, systemic antibiotics cannot be dispensed with. You also need to introduce vitamins into the diet. To speed up the healing of the injured limb, it is recommended to give your pet maximum rest.

To activate the recovery processes in case of a fracture, it is recommended to give the bird a mummy. For 100 grams of weight, 0.4 milligrams of the substance is used. It is recommended to give the composition once a day on an empty stomach. It costs 25 days to do this.

The use of mummy helps to avoid the negative consequences of a fracture and stimulates the formation of callus. The bandage is usually removed after a week. Sometimes this needs to be done after 15 days. Complete fusion of bone elements takes 3-4 weeks.

What is the danger?

After receiving a fracture, the duckling receives a painful shock. In this case, the consequences are different. With severe pain, the birds can scream until wheezing or, conversely, become silent. Some pets choose the petrification method. In this case, they sit, not reacting to anything.

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In case of an open fracture, it is important to wash and disinfect the wound in a timely manner. Otherwise, the likelihood of infection is high, which will lead to negative health consequences.

How to prevent a problem from arising

To avoid injury to pets, they need to provide complete and high-quality care. The farmer must know where it is permissible to walk the ducklings, and where they cannot be released. Of great importance are the habitats of wild animals and the possibility of their getting into the corral in which the birds are kept. Ducklings need to be protected from predators. Similar recommendations apply to domestic dogs and cats. By their nature, they are predators, and therefore can damage small birds.

Duckling leg fractures are not uncommon. Problems can be caused by injury to limbs from sharp objects or predatory animals. In such a situation, the pet needs to provide timely assistance. At the same time, it is recommended that the feathered apply a bandage and immediately show it to the veterinarian. This will help you achieve quick recovery and avoid negative health effects.

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