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Sea-buckthorn Elizabeth self-pollinated

Sea-buckthorn Elizabeth self-pollinated

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Sea buckthorn variety Elizabeth, does this variety need pollination or is it self-pollinated?


Sea buckthorn is definitely a dioecious medicinal plant; as a result, a predominantly female bush necessarily requires male cross-pollination. For this, a male bush is required in the neighborhood, with an approximate distance between them of no more than 80m. It is advisable to plant two bushes, in case one pollinator irrevocably dies. If it is not possible to independently purchase male bushes, then you can freely buy combined sea buckthorn plants. Mostly such a shrub consists of connecting branches of both sexes, that is, a female variety is grafted onto the male bush. It is noted that such combined bushes bear fruit well and favorably differ in relatively larger fruits. By the way, sea buckthorn has a special property - their root complex system has the ability to easily absorb atmospheric nitrogen. Due to this, sea buckthorn grows well in fairly poor soils.