Description of the tomato variety Full-complete and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Full-complete and its characteristics

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Each gardener seeks to pick up a variety of tomatoes so that he gives a high yield, and there is no hassle with it. Reviews of experienced vegetable growers give just such a recommendation to a tomato of the "Full-full" variety. This variety is preferred for its excellent taste and versatility: you can eat from a bush and roll it up in a jar in order to feast on it in winter.

Features of the tomato "Full-full"

"Full-full" - an indeterminate variety of the standard type. Begins to bear fruit in 115-120 days from the moment of germination.

Description of the variety:

  • Bushes are powerful, height from 1 to 1.5 meters.
  • Weak root system.
  • The plant is medium-branched, strongly leafy, with shortened internodes.
  • The inflorescences are simple, 5-7 fruits each.
  • The first brush is laid after 6-7 leaves, the subsequent ones - every two.
  • The yield is high, it gives 11-13 kg of tomato from each 1 sq. m.

The variety is recommended for cultivation in greenhouses and greenhouses, but in central Russia, where the climate is milder, it can also be planted in open ground.

Fruit characteristics:

  • The shape is round, even.
  • Weight 100-200 grams.
  • The color of ripe fruits is bright red.
  • The skin is dense and smooth.
  • Intense taste and aroma.
  • Stored well.

Due to their excellent taste and fruit size, “Full-full” tomatoes are suitable for universal use: they are equally good for fresh consumption and for preservation.

Growing and care

According to the description of the variety, it can be seen that the tomato "Full-full" is unpretentious and does not require special care, it is enough to provide the plant with regular watering and periodically loosen the soil.

  • Sowing seeds for seedlings should be 60-65 days before the intended transplantation to a permanent habitat.
  • After the appearance of the first 1-2 leaves, the shoots must be dived. In the southern regions, you can sow directly into the ground under the covering material, in case of frost.
  • The sprouts need additional nutrition, so they should be fed.
  • Tomatoes need to be hardened 10-14 days before planting in the ground so that the adaptation process is less painful.
  • It is recommended to place 3-4 bushes per 1 sq. m.
  • In the process of growth, stepchildren need to be removed, forming a bush of 1-2 stems. The bush, although powerful, due to the underdeveloped root system, needs to be tied to a support.
  • It is recommended to mulch the soil around the bush with hay or sawdust. This will keep the tomatoes dry and make weed control easier.

Standard varieties are almost not protected from pests, therefore experts advise to carefully monitor the plants and take preventive measures.



The name of the variety fully justifies itself. We have been planting for two years in a row. The result is excellent - the yield is excellent. I recommend.


I planted a part in a greenhouse and a few bushes in open ground. The harvest pleased both there and there. They look very nice on a bush and are ideal for pickling.


Tomato "Full-full" surprised with its yield. Tomatoes are beautiful and even, not too large. And they taste great. I did not find any shortcomings.


The tomato is powerful, grows well, does not need special care. Grown in the open field. Very beautiful tomatoes. Even the bushes are beautiful, the trunks are thick and powerful. And when the fruits are ripe, so in general a feast for the eyes!


I planted "Full-full" in the greenhouse, I liked it. Harvest and delicious.

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