Instructions for use and the principle of operation of the Romulus herbicide, consumption rates

Instructions for use and the principle of operation of the Romulus herbicide, consumption rates

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Romulus is an effective herbicide that is often used to protect potato and corn crops. Before using the Romulus herbicide, you must familiarize yourself with its description and basic rules of use.

Composition, release form and purpose of the drug "Romul"

The product is designed to control weeds that often appear in the garden. "Romulus" is produced in the form of a liquid, which is mixed with water before use. In the manufacture of the drug, rimsulfuron is used, which is the main active ingredient of the herbicide.

Principle of operation

Before using "Romulus", you need to familiarize yourself with its principle of operation. After the herbicidal liquid hits the surface of the weeds, it quickly penetrates and travels to the growth points. This leads to the fact that the process of synthesis of amino acids begins to be inhibited in the weeds. After some time, the plants show signs of chlorotoxicity, accompanied by curvature of the foliage.

Pros and cons of herbicide

Romulus, like other herbicidal preparations, has advantages and disadvantages that you need to familiarize yourself with. The main advantages include the following:

  • effectively fights against both annual and perennial weeds;
  • has low consumption rates;
  • increased biological activity;
  • speed of action.

The disadvantages include:

  • high cost;
  • short shelf life of the prepared working mixture.

Consumption rate

The amount of the product used depends on the crops grown, which need to be protected from weeds:

  1. Cereals. Growing such plants, 300 milliliters are spent per hectare.
  2. Potatoes. To protect potatoes from weeds, you will need 250 milliliters of the product.
  3. Corn. When spraying a plot with corn, 400 milliliters of the working mixture is used.

How to properly prepare a working solution

Before you start treating weeds, you need to familiarize yourself with how to properly prepare the working mixture. To begin with, the tank is half filled with cold water, after which the herbicide mixture is added to it. The liquid is thoroughly stirred with a stirrer so that the drug is dissolved in water. Stir the working composition for 5-10 minutes.

Instructions for use of the drug

People who are going to process the site with "Romulus" must understand the peculiarities of its use. For spraying weeds, calm weather is chosen so that the herbicide composition does not fall on neighboring plants.

It is necessary to process the site with this tool no more than once a season.

Safety engineering

When using "Romulus", you must observe safety precautions. The composition must not be allowed to fall on the surface of the skin. Therefore, protective gloves are worn on the hands. You also need to think in advance about protecting the eyes on which glasses are worn. A regular gauze bandage or respirator will help protect the respiratory system.

Herbicide toxicity

Some people think that "Romulus" is too toxic, but it is not. The drug is safe for bees and mammals, as it belongs to the third degree of toxicity. However, you still need to be careful when using it so that the agent does not enter the body.

Compatibility with other products

Sometimes the remedy has to be used in conjunction with other drugs. However, before that you need to figure out whether they are compatible or not. Romulus is compatible with most herbicides and therefore is often used in combination with such agents.

Terms and conditions of storage

The herbicide must be stored under suitable conditions. For long-term storage, rooms with temperature indicators at the level of 10-15 degrees Celsius are suitable. In such conditions, the product will not deteriorate for 4-5 years.

The prepared working composition is not stored for a long time, it is better to use it on the day of preparation.

Drug analogs

When you can't get Romulus, you should use similar drugs instead. These include:

  • "Titus";
  • Oryx;
  • "Ground";
  • Roundup.


During the control of weeds on the site, the Romulus herbicide is often used. Before using such a tool, you need to understand its principle of operation and application features.

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