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Why does the imperial hazel grouse not bloom

Why does the imperial hazel grouse not bloom

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Why doesn’t flower bloom imperial. Coming out of the ground, not blooming ...


Not knowing the agrotechnology of your flower is difficult to give a definite answer. The lack of flowering with green panicles can be several:

  • Cool or very humid summers, the soil has not warmed enough; hazel grouse comes from sultry hot countries where the soil warms up to + 30 ° C;
  • Small bulbs with a diameter of up to 8 cm do not have time to adapt and release a bud during the summer season;
  • Long-term growth in one place without change. Dig out bulbs larger than average annually (leave small ones to grow) and transplant them to a new place;
  • Incorrect landing depth, which depends on the size of the bulb. Plant according to the recommendations of experienced gardeners;
  • Mistaken agricultural technology: lack of drainage and top dressing;
  • Frosty, snowy winters cause freezing of bulbs. Shelter with peat or humus (20-30cm) will solve this problem;
  • Remove the ovaries after the flower blooms, otherwise all food will go to the further formation and propagation of seeds, and not to the formation of the bulb.