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How to care for young raspberries

How to care for young raspberries

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I love raspberries and planted it in the garden in the fall. Tell us how to care for young bushes?


Spring care for raspberries consists in removing damaged shoots, trimming garter and top dressing.

Inspect the bush, cut off all frozen or dry shoots under the root. If the shoot is not completely damaged, cut to a healthy kidney. Also cut the tops of all shoots by 10-15 cm. This stimulates the bush to develop lateral shoots.

Garter before budding. If you have bush cultivation, set a stake in the middle of the bush and tie shoots to it. When trenching, hammer along the posts along the edges of the row and pull the wire in two rows. Shoots are tied to it.

Loosen the bushes with a depth of 8-15 cm, depending on the type of cultivation. After loosening, mulch the entire surface of the raspberry. To do this, use: peat (5-8cm), straw (10-15cm), sawdust, compost or mulching material.

The first top dressing is carried out in April, with nitrogen fertilizer (80-100g per 1sq.m.). When forming the ovaries, they are fertilized with superphosphates. Watering is done according to need, depending on the state of weather and soil. Produced in special grooves near the bushes or drip irrigation.