Description and characteristics of black magic roses, planting and care

Description and characteristics of black magic roses, planting and care

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Among the popular hybrid varieties of roses, Black Magic stands out due to the dark red (almost black) color of the flowers. Despite the fact that this plant was originally bred for cutting (sale), gardeners often grow a crop to decorate the local area. In addition to the original color of the petals, the Black Magic rose attracts with its long flowering, which lasts 4 months.

How was the Black Magic variety bred?

Gardeners owe the appearance of the variety to German breeders who developed Black Magic at the end of the last century. The researchers pursued the goal of creating a rose with the darkest possible petals. Moreover, the breeders intended to bring out a flower suitable for cutting. But because of the original color of the petals, the Black Magic rose was grown to decorate private plots.

Pros and cons: is it worth planting on the site?

Among the advantages of Black Magic, gardeners distinguish the following:

  • frost resistance;
  • resistance to prolonged drought;
  • long flowering period;
  • attractive appearance;
  • resistance to common diseases.

Black magic is able to maintain a decorative appearance under unfavorable growing conditions.

This variety has the inherent disadvantages of many hybrid tea varieties of roses. In particular, flowers are more demanding in terms of care and can quickly lose their presentation with abundant moisture.

Description of culture

The hybrid tea rose is characterized by long flowering (up to four months) and long stems. The plant is grown both for sale and to decorate the garden and dacha landscape.

Features of flowering roses

In addition to the long flowering period starting in July, Black Magic attracts gardeners with the following features:

  • a flower with dark (almost black) petals, the color of which changes depending on the viewing angle;
  • several flowers are formed on one shoot, which form inflorescences of four buds;
  • the diameter of one flower reaches 10-14 centimeters;
  • one flower consists of 35-50 petals with a velvety surface.

Rose Black magic emits a subtle scent. Closer to autumn, the flower petals darken, acquiring a maroon color.

External parameters of the bush

Rose Black Magic grows up to two meters in height. The bushes, as they develop, acquire a decorative appearance, formed by dense leathery leaves of a bright green color and with a glossy surface. There are thorns on the branches, but the number of such growths, in comparison with other varieties, of roses is moderate.

Benefits of using in landscaping

Black magic is grown in garden plots, both in the form of separate bushes, and together with other flowers. This rose is recommended to be planted next to aquilegia, monarda or foxglove. As with other similar plants, Black Magic is often used to form hedges.

Regardless of the chosen cultivation method, the rose attracts attention and stands out against the background of other growing crops.

Necessary conditions for growing

The rose is a demanding plant that can thrive under the right conditions. Black Magic has similar features.

We select a place

The rose does not tolerate strong winds. Therefore, the plant is recommended to be planted in areas protected from drafts. The Black Magic bush is distinguished by spreading and long shoots, which causes certain requirements for the growing zone. In order for the flower to develop normally, the plant must be planted at a distance of 90-100 centimeters from neighboring crops, including roses.

Illumination of the site

When choosing a location, it must be borne in mind that the plant grows exclusively in well-lit areas. Due to the lack of sunlight, small flowers appear on the shoots, and the culture is more often sick.


Unlike other hybrid tea varieties, Black Magic rose is able to withstand prolonged droughts and temperature extremes. Thanks to these properties, the plant is grown in both cool and hot climates. However, before the onset of frost, the bushes must be cut and covered.

Humidity and drafts

Due to strong winds and high humidity, the plant often gets sick and dies. It is recommended to grow flowers in places protected from drafts, while ensuring moderate watering.

Optimal soil composition

Rose Black Magic grows well in loose and slightly acidic soil. Before planting a flower, it is recommended to add a mixture of humus, sand and compost to the soil. But even if these requirements are met, gardeners additionally fertilize the soil by adding wood ash, riding soil from the site and complex compositions for roses to the hole prepared for the plants.

Landing technology

Due to the high shoots and the ability to tolerate adverse conditions, the Black Magic rose is recommended to be planted in the open field. However, if gardeners plan to use the flowers for sale, then the plant can also be grown in greenhouses.


Spring is considered the best time to plant a rose. It is recommended to prepare a site for a plant after a positive temperature is established during the night. Young shoots have a weak root system that does not tolerate frost. In this regard, in Central Russia, a rose is planted in plots at the end of April or at the beginning of May.

It is impossible to plant a flower in open ground in the fall. The plant does not have time to root enough before the onset of cold weather.

Step-by-step process of planting a bush

Planting a rose is straightforward and requires the following steps:

  1. In a suitable place on the site, a hole is dug 50 centimeters deep and wide.
  2. At the bottom of the pit, a nutritious substrate is poured, consisting of wood ash, horse soil and fertilizers for roses.
  3. A rose seedling is placed in the center of the hole, the roots are evenly straightened.
  4. The seedling is covered with soil so that the root collar remains above the ground.

At the end of planting, the land around the bush must be tamped, moistened and mulched.

The nuances of plant care

Despite the fact that Black Magic is considered an unpretentious rose, the plant requires regular self-care. To do this, watering is carried out at regular intervals and top dressing is applied under the bush.

How often to water the rose?

Watering frequency depends on the current climatic conditions. Rose does not like abundant waterlogging. To avoid the development of fungal diseases, gardeners recommend periodically skipping the days of watering, since the culture tolerates short-term drought. For humidification, use warm and settled water. After each watering, it is necessary to loosen the soil near the bush.

Weeding and soil care

Rose Black magic does not tolerate neighborhood with weeds. It is recommended to remove third-party plants from the garden after watering. Weeds are easily removed from dry soil.

What to feed?

Subject to the rules of planting and making the necessary feeding in the first season, the plant is not fertilized. Starting from the second year, gardeners adhere to the following rules:

  1. After the snow melts, in the spring, an infusion of mullein or chicken droppings is introduced under the bush (1 liter per bucket of water).
  2. During the period of bud formation, the plant is fed twice a month with complex fertilizers for roses.
  3. In mid-July, a mullein infusion is reintroduced under the bush, to which complex fertilizers are added.

The plant is not fed in autumn. This is explained by the fact that after fertilization, the growth of shoots increases. Also in the spring, gardeners spray bushes from a spray bottle using superphosphate or humate solutions.


In the first year, it is recommended to cut off the buds that have appeared. In subsequent years, it is necessary to remove dead flowers. This approach will ensure the development of a powerful root system, thanks to which the rose will bloom for several seasons.

Shelter roses for the winter

In the fall, before the onset of cold weather, the lower leaves are removed from the bush. Then the soil around the plant is earthed up so that a ridge is 40 centimeters high. After that, fresh and damaged shoots are removed, the bush bends down to the ground. At the first frost, a wooden frame should be installed over the plant and the flower should be covered with plastic wrap.

Exposure to parasites

Black magic is susceptible to diseases and pests common for such a culture. More often, leaf rollers, spider mites or aphids are detected on the bushes.

Leaf roll

The leafworm is a small caterpillar that can destroy shrubs. To combat the pest, the drug Iskra is used.


Because of the aphids, the leaves curl and eventually die. It is recommended to fight this pest with Iskra, Karbofos or Fitoverm preparations.

Spider mite

The presence of a tick is indicated by a thin web, which the insect forms on inconspicuous parts of the bush. When a pest appears, the plant is recommended to be treated with Fitoverm or Agrovertin.

The main mistakes when growing

Problems with Black Magic arise mainly from non-compliance with the rules of planting and growing.

Loose rooting

When planting a plant, it is necessary to compact the soil around the bush. If the gardener neglects this requirement, then when the wind gusts, the bush will begin to sway, which will damage the root system.

Illiterate feeding

It is recommended to feed the culture during planting and three times per season, adding mullein infusion and complex fertilizers. Moreover, if you use nitrogenous compounds during the formation of buds, this will lead to the active growth of young shoots and a decrease in the number of flowers on the bushes. And due to the deficiency of magnesium and calcium, roses become smaller.


Due to waterlogging, fungal diseases develop and roots rot. To avoid this, it is recommended to plant the flower in higher elevations and periodically skip watering days.

Landing in the shade

Due to the lack of sunlight, the plant does not develop, and buds do not form on the shoots. The flower is recommended to be planted away from fences, fruit trees and houses.

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