Description of the variety of cucumbers Abundant, features of cultivation and care

Description of the variety of cucumbers Abundant, features of cultivation and care

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Cucumbers rank first in terms of planting area among Russian gardeners. The demand is associated with the stress resistance of the plant and the palatability of the fruit. Breeders annually work to create new yielding varieties and increase the variety of seed material. Cucumber Abundant is the fruit of Russian selection. The originators were A.M. Popova and L.P. Malychenko, employees of the N.I. Vavilov. Cucumbers variety Abundant are included in the list of the State Register in 1999 and are a type of early ripening representatives of the family.

General information about the plant

The cucumber is intended for growing in open ground and film shelters. The choice of location is associated with the climatic features of the zoning.

Characteristics and description of the external data of the variety:

  • early maturing, fruits are ready to be harvested in 38–45 days from the moment of planting;
  • indeterminate;
  • medium-sized;
  • powerful bushes;
  • leaves are medium-wrinkled;
  • medium dissected leaves of a dark green color;
  • high yield, up to 500 kilograms per hectare of planting;
  • friendly formation and quick yield of the crop;
  • canning;
  • bee-pollinated species;
  • persistent immunity to most viruses and diseases - cucumber mosaic, powdery mildew;
  • mixed flowering;
  • strong foliage;
  • good adaptive ability;
  • stress tolerance;
  • high level of safety during transportation;
  • good keeping quality;
  • poor resistance to peronosposis;
  • high yield of marketable products, up to 95%.

The plant is successfully cultivated in different regions of the country. The cucumber variety is in the State Register in three regions of Russia:

  • Central.
  • Central Black Earth.
  • Nizhnevolzhsky.

Technical information and external features of the fruits of the plant:

  • Cylindrical regular shape.
  • Rare, large tubercles.
  • Strongly ribbed surface.
  • Dark green color with stripes of pronounced light salad color.
  • Average length up to 9.3 centimeters.
  • Diameter 2.7-3 centimeters.
  • Rare white pubescence.
  • White thorns.
  • No cavities.
  • No bitterness.
  • Crispy, firm flesh.

IMPORTANT! The output of marketable cucumbers is 80–95%.

Cucumbers of this variety have a universal purpose. The plant is used as ingredients for salads, spinning for the winter, self-consumption fresh. The cucumber variety is often used for sale.

Plant growing recommendations

Growing a plant takes place in two ways:

  • Seedling. The depth of planting of seed material of cucumbers is 5-10 millimeters. Before the emergence of plant shoots, the recommended temperature regime is +25 degrees, after the emergence of sprouts, the temperature is reduced to +15 degrees. The technique allows you to prepare and harden plants. Seedlings require timely watering, weeding of the soil and long daylight hours. It is better to keep the container with seedlings on the south or west side of the apartment, the most illuminated area.
  • Seedless. In the case of direct planting in the ground, before sowing the plant, you must make sure that the soil temperature is suitable, it must warm up to at least +15 degrees. The depth of laying the seed is 1–2 centimeters. Before the first shoots appear, cover the sowing with foil.

The choice of a place for planting a plant requires special attention. Preference should be given to flat or elevated plots of land. With a high moisture content on the site, it is necessary to dig ditches for drainage. Dark areas should be avoided, the plant is light-loving. The soil for sowing must have a neutral pH level. With increased acidity, gardeners should add a certain amount of lime to the soil. A bed with cucumbers should be formed in the place where common onions, potatoes, tomatoes, late legumes, celery were previously cultivated.

To avoid soil depletion, experts advise changing vegetable crops at least once every three years.

The recommended planting pattern for cucumbers by the originator is 15 × 60 centimeters. The plant is undemanding, but it requires compliance with simple rules of agricultural technology: harvesting weeds, watering in the evening or morning hours, loosening the soil, timely feeding. If there is a threat of pest damage to cucumbers, timely insecticide treatment is necessary. The funds should not be applied two weeks before picking cucumbers with strict adherence to safety rules.

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