What to do if a goat does not allow milking and what is the reason, how to accustom her to milking

What to do if a goat does not allow milking and what is the reason, how to accustom her to milking

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Novice farmers and breeders are often faced with a situation where a young or recently introduced goat from other owners does not allow milk to be milked, and do not know what to do to correct the situation. The main thing for the owner is to remain calm, to rationally approach the solution of the issue. There are various methods and tactics that allow you to calm down, tame the goat so that it calmly gives milk.

Why the goat won't milk

Finding an approach to an obstinate animal can be difficult. Often, rebelliousness is explained by the nature of the goat, but, in most cases, such behavior has objective reasons.

The goat resists milking in the following cases:

  1. The animal is not accustomed to touch. Untamed livestock will resist milking, especially if this is the first touch on the udder.
  2. Improper milking. Often the goat kicks during milking because it hurts. Incorrect, careless movements cause negative associations in the animal, and with the next approach, the cattle resists even before touching.
  3. Udder diseases. The presence of pathology can be recognized by the characteristic symptoms. General and local increase in temperature, bursting and deformation of the udder, rash, swelling are the reason for contacting the veterinarian. The nipples may have cracks that are painful to touch and squeeze.
  4. Improper maintenance and care. Clean animals do not accept uncleaned barns, drafts.
  5. Psychological rejection of the owner. Often a situation arises when the goat was well milked by the previous owner, and the new one stubbornly breaks out.

In order to prevent the development of complications, the animal should be examined, to exclude the presence of diseases. In most cases, you can fix the situation yourself.

What to do if this problem occurs

To train your goat for milking, you need to form positive associations. Patiently tame the animal, talk calmly, give treats, stroke the wool first, gradually move to the udder.

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It is recommended to gently stroke the udder before milking. Vaseline is used to reduce discomfort. Goats love affection, do not tolerate rudeness.

Sometimes the goat does not want to give milk after lambing, leaving it to the kids. In this case, they try to remove the kids from the mother. Before milking, the goat is petted and fed.

If the cattle continues to resist milking, kicks, lies on its stomach, it is necessary to forcibly fix the position of the body. The goat is tied to a short leash so that it cannot lie down. The hind legs are entangled or hold one leg with a hand while the other is milked. After some time, the animal gets used to milking and no longer needs to be tied up.

Young goats must be taught in advance, before the first lambing, to touch the udder and teats. The udder is first lightly stroked, then gently massaged, and later further stimulate the nipples with gentle squeezing. It is recommended to do such procedures 2-3 times a day at the same time. You can start stroking and massage after covering, and you need to finish it 3-4 weeks before giving birth.

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