Recipes for pickling asparagus and green beans in Korean for the winter

Recipes for pickling asparagus and green beans in Korean for the winter

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Many people prefer Asian cuisine. I especially like Korean dishes, including green beans with marinated vegetables. But it should be noted that there are features of the preparation of vegetable snacks for the winter.

Features of Korean cuisine

The history of the Korean people is rich in historical events related to wars. The invaders brought not only troubles and sorrows, ruined the peasants, but also brought their traditions into the culture of the people. This also applies to cooking. The Japanese introduced local people to vegetable dishes, taught them to season them with hot spices, including red pepper.

Speaking of Korean cuisine, they mean the health and benefits of vegetable dishes. The recipes for their preparation are simple, do not require time and energy. Many dishes are based on carrots. Korean chefs know how to correctly combine products, limiting the use of sugar and salt. Products undergo heat treatment for a short time. Therefore, green vegetables are stewed, which is good for the stomach, and vitamins are better preserved.

The benefits and harms of green beans

Pods of young beans with unripe fruits are useful for the human body, as they contain a lot of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, sulfur. The vegetable culture is distinguished by its low calorie content - just over 23 kilocalories per hundred grams of product. In the boiled form, the activity of the basic substances of the plant is fully preserved. The beneficial effects of green beans on the human body include:

  • removal of toxins and toxins from the digestive system;
  • supply of cells with biological building material;
  • improving the performance of the body;
  • fight against inflammation, pathogenic microorganisms;
  • prevention of heart attacks, strokes.

It is good for men to use asparagus. Zinc in the pods has a positive effect on the genital area, improving its work, reducing the risk of developing inflammatory processes.

But there are also contraindications to eating green pods. You can not use recipes with beans for people suffering from stomach ulcers, cholecystitis, colitis, pancreatitis. Excessive enthusiasm for the asparagus product will cause discomfort in the digestive tract and accelerate the process of gas formation.

Korean Asparagus Beans

Prepare Korean-style asparagus beans for the winter using carrots, a mixture of spices. Peeled and chopped pods are placed in a bowl, poured with boiling water, boiled for about five minutes. To preserve the color, green foods are dipped in cold water. After holding one or two minutes, put in a bowl, add grated carrots, chopped four cloves of garlic. The mixture is stirred and placed in clean glass jars.

A marinade is prepared from three hundred milliliters of water, one and a half tablespoons of sugar, and one and a half teaspoons of salt. After boiling the liquid, you need to pour in three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Pour green beans with prepared marinade. Now it remains for the banks to undergo pasteurization for 20-25 minutes and for seaming.

Pickled asparagus beans cook quickly and store well in a cool place.

But many believe that it is better to boil asparagus before canning. There are recipes for cooking vegetables in this way.

Boil the chopped beans for five minutes in lightly salted water. While thrown into a colander, it flows down, cut the onion into half rings, rub the carrots. Mix vegetables with chopped garlic, sprinkle with pepper, coriander. Pods in jars are interspersed with prepared foods. To prepare the marinade, take two hundred milliliters of water - apple cider vinegar (25 milliliters), five black peppercorns, three pieces of cloves, two - lava leaves, forty grams of sugar, five - salt. Be sure to add one hundred milliliters of vegetable oil. The boiling liquid is poured into containers with pods. Tender beans are ready for the winter.

The opinion of the hostesses

Canned green beans are known for their health benefits. It is especially recommended to include it in the diet for diabetics. Korean recipes are easy to prepare. You don't have to waste a lot of time, everything is done quickly, as if you were preparing a salad for dinner. There are few ingredients in such a dish, they are always at hand. And in winter, the greens of the pods will remind you of summer, will give vitamins to improve health.

Winter preparation is suitable as an addition to stew, liver, it is served as a separate dish. Korean recipes for a pickled product are widely used by experienced housewives all over the world, because the preparations have a peculiar taste, help to increase appetite with a spicy aroma and appearance. But lovers of asparagus beans always remain slim, do not suffer from excess weight.

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