Instructions for use and composition of Inta-Vira, dosage and analogues of the drug

Instructions for use and composition of Inta-Vira, dosage and analogues of the drug

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Insecticidal preparations with pyrethroids are used to treat plants from pests. Consider the composition and form of release of "Inta-Vira", its purpose and mechanism of operation, dosage and use according to instructions, precautions. With what preparations it can be combined, how much and under what conditions it can be stored, with what insecticides it can be replaced in agricultural and private farms.

Composition and form of release

Inta-Vir is produced in the form of a water-soluble powder. Its active compound is cypermethrin, in an amount of 37.5 g per kg. The drug acts as an intestinal pesticide and a contact pesticide. An insecticide is produced in tablets of 8 g.

Purpose and principle of operation of the tool

Cypermethrin, being in the body of insects, disrupts the coordinated work of the central nervous system, which ends with their death. "Inta-Vir" is used on corn and wheat, beets, potatoes, soybeans and alfalfa, crucifers and cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes, cherries and cherries, apple trees and grapes, melons, carrots, strawberries. And also for the processing of champignons, Alpine penny, motherwort, rhubarb, rose hips, flower crops grown in street beds and in a greenhouse, green spaces, pine trees, pastures and areas that are inhabited by locusts. Protects against a complex of pests.

Dosage and instructions for use of the drug "Inta-Vir"

Strawberries are sprayed with Inta-Vira solution before flowering, kopeck and rhubarb - at the germination stage, rose hips - during budding, pastures - with the mass appearance of larvae of different ages, other crops - during the growing season. To treat mushrooms from mushroom flies and mosquitoes, the substrate is sprayed.

Application rates (in kg per ha):

  • corn, soybeans - 2.2;
  • wheat - 1.4;
  • beets - 2.6;
  • potatoes - 0.6-1;
  • alfalfa - 1.6;
  • cruciferous - 1-1.6;
  • cabbage - 1;
  • cucumbers, tomatoes, greenhouse peppers - 4.2-5.4;
  • cucumber, tomato from whitefly - 8-10;
  • fruit - 1-2;
  • grapes -1.8-2.6;
  • melons - 1.6-2.2;
  • carrots - 3.4;
  • champignons - 3 g per sq. m;
  • strawberries - 0.8-1.2;
  • penny, motherwort, rhubarb - 0.6;
  • rosehip - 0.8;
  • flowers in greenhouse conditions - 0.06-1.5;
  • flowers in the beds - 0.06-1;
  • green spaces - 1;
  • pine - 0.8-1;
  • pastures - 1.5-2.

The number of treatments "Inta-Vir", according to the instructions, - from 1 to 3, depending on the culture and the type of pest. The waiting period after spraying is also different: 3 days - for tomatoes and cucumbers, for flowers - 7 days, for melons - 30 days, for cabbage, apple trees, grapes and champignons - 25 days, for other crops - 20 days.

Consumption of Inta-Vira solution in private household plots: 2 liters per 10 sq. m of tomatoes, cucumbers and flowers, up to 10 liters per hundred square meters for beets, potatoes, cabbage, melons and carrots. For trees and grapes, consumption is 2-5 liters per plant, depending on its volume. For strawberries - 1.5 liters per 10 sq. m, for motherwort - up to 3 liters per hundred square meters, for rhubarb - up to 2 liters.


In terms of toxicity, Inta-Vir belongs to drugs with a hazard class 3 for humans and a hazard class 2 for bees. Thus, it is considered to be of low toxicity, but it is necessary to work with it only in protective work clothing. It is necessary to wear tight clothing that would cover all exposed parts of the body, where splashes of solution can get.

A respirator and goggles should be worn on the face to protect the respiratory system and eyes. They cannot be removed while work is in progress.

If the solution "Inta-Vira" nevertheless gets on the skin or eyes, it is imperative to rinse them with clean water. If it enters the stomach, rinse should be done. In case of severe poisoning, although it rarely happens, consult a doctor immediately.

Compatibility with other products

"Inta-Vir" can be combined in one solution with pesticides and fertilizers, except for alkaline ones. The manufacturer recommends that a compatibility test be carried out before mixing: dilute both products in a separate container and see if there is a reaction. If there are no changes in the color and temperature of the solution, no precipitate occurs, then these substances can be combined.

Storage and shelf life

Insecticide "Inta-Vir" can be stored from the date of manufacture for 4 years. Powder or tablets must be kept in their original packaging. Store the product only in warehouses specially designed for pesticides and fertilizers. Do not store medicines, food and animal feed nearby.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Do not store the insecticide for longer than the shelf life specified by the manufacturer. The leftovers must be disposed of.

The solution "Inta-Vira" prepared for processing must be used completely, it cannot be stored for more than 1 day, therefore, it must be diluted in the amount that is planned to be consumed during the working day.

Drug analogs

In agriculture, drugs with cypermethrin are used: Arrivo, Nurimet Extra, Fitosan, Tsirax, Vega, Cyclone, Patry, Tsiperus, Shaman, Superkill, Tsipi "," Rangoli-Noril "," Tsipi-Plus "," Tsiperon "," Volley "," Shar Pei "," Nurbel "," Cytox ".

In private household plots, you can use substitutes "Inta-Vira": "Alatar", "Lightning Extra", "Iskra", "Karbotsin", "Sharpei", "Inta-Ts-M". All products also contain cypermethrin, but in different concentrations. They have a similar effect, and their purpose is approximately the same.

Inta-Vir is an effective cypermethrin-based insecticide that can be used to treat various crops and pastures. The main advantages of this drug are the low consumption and concentration of the solution, so it can be considered economically advantageous for use in the fields. For humans, the active substance of the drug is practically harmless, which is why the insecticide is also used in private households. It mixes well in tank mixes, so treatment with Inta-Vir and another pesticide can be carried out simultaneously. This saves time in caring for plants and enhances the effect of agricultural products.

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