Description of the Fancy tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

Description of the Fancy tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

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The cultivation of hybrid varieties is gaining popularity. Tomato Fancy F1 belongs to this category. It is renowned for its complex resistance to many cultural diseases.

Basic concepts of the species

Before deciding to buy a variety, many summer residents are looking for more information. General provisions that are necessary in order to understand whether the characteristics are suitable for the specific needs of the family.


  • Superdeterminate type.
  • Height 45-55 cm.
  • Intermediate inflorescence.
  • One brush contains up to 10 fruits.
  • Ripens within 100-110 days.

A tomato:

  • The color of the fruit is red.
  • Shape: oblong.
  • Vegetable mass 75–80 gr.
  • The density is high.
  • They have 2-3 cameras.
  • The taste is excellent.
  • They lie perfectly.
  • Transfer the carriage, keeping the presentation.

How to plant and care for a plant

Growing Fancy tomatoes is no different from any other variety. The seedling method of growing is the most common, since a bush planted in this way forms ovaries faster. The seeds are sown in advance. Approximately 55–65 days. The sowing period is calculated taking into account the climatic characteristics of the growing region.

Mandatory agrotechnical techniques for growing seedlings:

  • Light and warmth. Temperature 5 days after germination is + 15–17 ⁰С, then it is increased to + 20–22 С.
  • Top dressing that stimulates the growth of seedlings.
  • Dive at phase 2 of a true leaf.
  • Hardening 1–2 weeks before transferring to the ground.

5-6 plants per 1 m are planted in a permanent place2... Stepson is not required and a garter is required. It is recommended to feed the plants with organic fertilizers and mineral compounds.

Weeding is carried out as needed, since the beds overgrown with weeds will be attacked by pests.

Loosening, hilling and mulching plantings will help to retain moisture longer and prevent the development of diseases.

Home cooking. Harvest volume

Universal tomatoes "Fancy" are used for any type of processing, drying, canning. Especially suitable for whole-fruit pickling. Fresh salads, festive table decorations, not the whole list of vegetable uses.

The yield of the variety is 12 kg from 1 m2.

The declared volume of the crop can be obtained only after the necessary agrotechnical techniques are completed.

Disease susceptibility

According to the description of the "Fancy" variety, it is immune to some diseases.


  • Fusarium.
  • Verticillosis.
  • Bacterial spot.

Of pests, it is not afraid of nematodes.

Against other diseases and insects, drugs should be treated in a timely manner.

What summer residents say about Fancy tomatoes

An important role in making the final decision is played by the reviews of those gardeners who have come across this variety. In addition, you can get and advice on growing or grooming.

  • Igor. It turned out that I planted it very late, but the plant still grew. Gave a good harvest. Fancy didn’t steal tomatoes, practically didn’t look after them. The harvest was large, almost 8 kg per bush. The taste is excellent, I especially liked the fact that the fruit has thick walls.

Tomatoes, medium ripening, most common in many areas. It remains only to choose the size, color and other required characteristics. The Fancy tomato satisfies many needs.

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