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Polycarbonate talk base

Polycarbonate talk base

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We bought a garden gazebo made of a metal square profile coated with polycarbonate. What basis is needed for it? And do you really need a base under the gazebo? Suddenly we decide to transfer to another place.


It makes sense to install a gazebo from a profile and polycarbonate on the base in several cases:

  • If you install the gazebo in a permanent place, that is, forever;
  • If you install on a part of the site, which is regularly flooded with rain;
  • If you visually want to separate the part with the gazebo from the garden;
  • If in the future we intend to turn the gazebo into a greenhouse or a greenhouse;
  • If you intend to close the sides of the gazebo for use in the winter.

In other cases, the gazebo does not require a solid foundation in the form of a foundation. However, it will not hurt to fix the supporting profile along the perimeter with the help of concreting or special screws for protection from the wind, since the arbor made of polycarbonate has a fairly low weight.


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